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  1. Venus de Mermaid automaton

    Venus de mermaid automaton
  2. Claude the Artist Automaton

    Claude is working on the the sky. Just trying to get it right.
  3. Carapace: an organic motion sculpture

    Carapace is a wooden kinetic sculpture that simulates the motion of a sea turtle swimming. A complex series of mechanisms allows Carapace to swim up and down, tilt forward or back, and even lift its head up for a breath of air. As each mechanism is carefully linked to the next, each of...
  4. knitting and golf automaton

    knitting and golf automaton
  5. His and Hers Golf automata
  6. Fine Dining automaton

    Fine Dining automaton guinea pigs not included
  7. Latch - playing guitar
  8. Anjali playing with the cats

    This was a christmas present for a friend, of her daughter, commission by her mum.
  9. Pirates of Penzance automaton

    Pirates of Penzance automaton
  10. Day of the Dead skeleton band

    Dia de los Muertos automaton. Featuring the Skellibongos and the xylobone The maracas make the smallest noise. they have three ball-bearings in each.
  11. Cat in a row boat (automata)

    At the bottom of this panel is a video of Automata from our high school woodshop class. This project took several students about a week to complete. The blue fabric moves like water with the rocking of the boat. It runs off two simple cams being turned by the crank. The gears are there to...
  12. Colibri: an organic motion sculpture

    This is a project that I've put roughly 700 hours into. It is my eighth woodworking design project, and it is by far the most complicated one I've done to date. This is Colibri. It began with a lunchtime conversation between a friend and I, bouncing ideas around about what my next woodworking...
  13. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Thought you'd all get a charge over seeing this relic from old times: Imagine spending 35 years with your feet wearing a hole in the floor, standing behind this unit...
  14. Hand Tools
    Anyone hear of a toolmaker named Samuel Ellis? I have a chisel with his name on it. One of the previous owners put his in iotials on it.
  15. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Guys, I need to replace my tablesaw ripping blade and want a nice flat bottom when I use it. Is this a good blade or would a thicker version of this blade hold up better? Any direction on where to get the best price on this or another similar type blade would be much appreciated. Has anyone...
1-17 of 17 Results