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  1. A bandsaw camera for a friend

    Hello After watching a project ( I decided to make one for a friend who will be retire at the end of this month He's a professional photogapher Thanks to Greg 48 for the inspiration and more All comments bad or good are welcome
  2. Camera Bandsaw Box

    Thank you all for your inspiration, I thought I should use my scraps for something other than feeding the fire. This is my first bandsaw box for my son who is a camera nut. Made it out of black walnut and rock maple and included a hidden drawer. The knurled knobs and lens turn but don't do...
  3. DIY Camera Rig

    As Filmaker and part time youtuber I needed some sort of camera hold/rig to carry around my DSLR and I needed something that could improve my image quality. A stabilizer was the way to go but they are so expensive and even those entry level camera cages were around 100Euros.. So as always it...
  4. Photographing our Projects

    A few have asked me about how I photograph my projects. I will give a simple run down on how I do it. It may not help everyone, as I have some equipment that most people don't. I'll post a few of my most recent boxes and tell you how I shot them. I like to "feather the light on my subjects...
  5. Side board cabinet

    This cabinet could be used for just about anything.The lady who bought it is using it for desk and display area at her dance studio.
  6. Knock-Together Portable Trail Camera Mount

    I thought some readers might be interested in this simple little knock-together apparatus which does its job surprisingly well, and cost almost nothing. The pictures should be self-explanatory. If not, just ask and I'll explain in the comments. I have a motioned-triggered 'Trail Camera' to play...
  7. Camera Shadowbox

    A retiring Air Force Photographer designed this Camera Shadowbox for here retirement display case. The center represents the shutter. I'll ask her to send pictures when it's full of her items and I will post them. It's solid Oak with Satin Black paint and Satin Clear over that. It's 27"W x...
  8. Curly Maple, Bloodwood & Wenge Tea Box

    Thought I would do a little change up from all the jewelry boxes…... I used Curly Maple, Bloodwood and Wenge, hoping for a nice contrast. I like it, let me know what you think. The bottom of the box is beveled to give it a little "lift" and the "inlay band" I think kind of ties in with the...
  9. box

    cherry, maple, bloodwood, ebony. the gutair and cabinet in the background I built as well.
  10. DIY Steadicam for GoPro or iPhone, Camera stabilizer

    Make a GoPro or iPhone camera stabiliser You can view the whole process on YouTube here using wood bent lamination and aluminum, get that steady shot you have been looking for in this easy woodworking project that will teach you some new techniques like bent lamination. Nothing is more...
  11. Camera Boom Mounted on Ceiling

    I've been making videos of my projects lately and needed a better way to position the camera than on a tripod. I've made a camera boom that's mounted on the ceiling of my shop. It's made of plywood and a few pieces of oak. View the video on YouTube by clicking here. Don't forget to subscribe...
  12. camera

    A friend of mine who is in college for filmmaking asked if i could make a camera paperweight….and here we are. Made this from bradford pear wood that i harvested after it split.
  13. Sapele with Maple Pinhole Camera

    Pinhole (lensless) 4X5 camera with spring back.
  14. Maple and Walnut Pinhole Camera

    Another Pinhole Camera with spring back. Focal length 35mm F140 extremely wide angle for 4X5 film. Included is a photo taken with the camera
  15. Camera Station

    My cameras and accessories are scattered all over the places most of the time. It takes a long time to find a right charger and right connector. This is an answer but it took a few years to implement. Making rear side took quite some time than expected. Cherry with polyurethane finish.
  16. Birch Ply Arts & Crafts Bookracks

    Having been forced to straighten up my living/work room for Thanksgiving, I haven't been able to finish any of the projects that are now competing with me for space in my bedroom … after being removed from the living room. At least I had these two bookracks to help me get organized. I had made...
  17. Hand Tools
    I've decided to get more control over my tenon trimming, so was looking for a vintage router plane to add to my toolbox. Nothing came up locally so I bit the bullet and bought Lee Valley's router plane. It's beautiful with those bubinga handles, but…. There's a problem that I'm hoping is a...
  18. Woodworking Skill Share
    I broke down and purchased a video camera. What do I need software wise to be able to edit and process video for posting on the site? All of my computers are running Microsoft operating systems. I assume I will also need a hosting site such as you tube. Any suggestions or recommendations?
  19. Woodworking Skill Share
    This is 1/2 NOT wood working related, yet 1/2 IS wood working related. Or maybe this belongs in the Home Refurb sister site. The experience you have acquired if you have dabbled with ducting and CFM and do's/dont's can help you more than your wood working shop. I WAS suppose to finish up my...
  20. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hello all, Long time lurker and hoping to get some advise on a small project. I'm a beginning woodworker and am trying to build a small 4×5 camera. I am trying to figure out a method of carving the cone. The rough dimensions are 4.5"x5.5"x2" and possibly 1/4 " thick. . I don't have a...
1-20 of 49 Results