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  1. Wedding Automaton

    This is a present for a recently married couple based on some of their wedding photos. They were married in a Scottish Castle with pipers and kilts, daffodils and snow.
  2. Cam Clamps

    Today I made a couple of cam clamps from Ash :) These will come in handy once I get the time to start making some musical instrument.
  3. Cam Clamps Again?

    After looking for a better bridge clamping device for ukuleles, I figured cam clamps might be useful. The clamp needs a ~4" throat, and the sound holes are pretty small for store-bought clamps. After looking at YouTube videos, a web search turned up a magazine article from FineWoodworking with...
  4. The Mermaid of Blake Mere automaton

    The only inland British mermaid legend sips a G&T at the bar of The Mermaid pub in Staffordshire. STORYTELLING: ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE MIDLANDS BILSTON CRAFT GALLERY 25 MAY 2013 - 24 AUGUST 2013...
  5. Under the Sea - turtle, shark, octopus and all the fish

    My latest Under the Sea automaton
  6. Here Be Monsters - Big Fish

    Here Be Monsters - Big Fish 2012
  7. turtle at sea with galleon ships

    small and medium sized wall mounted automata
  8. Off Topic Coffee Lounge,ylHZZ9ztoV0qDpwUyBKjIDFx4.usc
  9. Finishing
    Hey guys, So I'm finishing up my Mother's Day project (I know I'm behind schedule but life happens and my mom is understanding :). I purchased a HVLP gun after watching a few videos and used a Varathane wood stain which was supposed to just stain the wood bright red but still showing all of the...
  10. Jigs & Fixtures
    Saw this on Youtube: Cam Lever Clamps. Looks like something that would find just as much use on a workbench as on a CNC router.
  11. Woodworking Skill Share
    Morning all, hello from England. I recently made some Luthier clamps, here's a little video. Cheers Steve
  12. CNC Woodworking
    This may have been done previously, but there are a lot of LJs getting bit buy the hobby laser bug, so I thought it might be helpful to provide a primer on the different software aspects to CNC machines. 1. create image: Artistic images are often done by the artistic crowd with a graphics...
  13. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Have you seen Fusion 360? I have been studying it, along with CNC systems… Fusion 360 handles the CAD part as well as the CNC CAM part of it (and a lot more) all in ONE software package! Whether I get into CNC or NOT, I am convinced that using it for Design is EASIER and more powerful than...
1-20 of 27 Results