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  1. Layout Multi-tool for Surprise Toolswap

    This tool was my contribution to the Surprise Toolswap we're just wrapping up. We had a great time in the swap and hope to see even more LJs in future ones! LJ Ripthorn is who I was assigned to ship my tool to. I hope he gets good use out of it! This tool was a result of just "winging it" on...
  2. Red oak, stock post candle holder

    I'm experimenting joining pieces together. I finally got my hands on some calipers and I am unusually addicted to them… Those two pieces fit like magic! The top is red oak, the bottom is some crappy lumber stock post, I liked the grain though (I used it in a few other pieces). I'm still...
  3. Australian Aboriginal Wood Spirit

    First attempt at relief carving a Wood Spirit ( don't really know if we have them in Australia) and hope to do more on the Australian Aboriginal theme. Carved on White Cedar it is 2'6" high. Any comment to help improve or suggestions would be gratefully accepted.
  4. fishing net cutting board

    I was visiting my wife's family last weekend, while there our niece was using of all things, a "PLASTIC" cutting board, I decided she needed an upgrade badly, so after getting home, I was trying to think of a design for her new cutting board, I came across a plan for a fishing net in Woodsmith...
  5. Table Saw blade measurer

    I was wanting to make sure that my table saw blade was square to my tracks, though all I had was a metal ruler and a digital caliper. I can extend the end and zero out the caliper to get the difference between the two. This saved so much frustration rather than having to use a metal rule.
  6. Digital Shop-made Height Gauge / Set-Up Gauge (Quick & Simple Design)

    There've been two other height gauges posted today: Serge: Trevor: I am offering a third option which I also use to find measurements (thickness, depth of dados, diameters (e.g. of a rod), etc.) of objects in addition...
  7. Hand Tools
    I found a few interesting things at a garage sale this weekend. First, a pair of dividers and an inside caliper. These were a little rusty and dirty, but cleaned up nicely with a citric acid bath and fine wire wheel in the drill (sorry, no "before" pics). The caliper has no maker name...
  8. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Peachtree has their fractional display caliper on sale for 50% off. After watching the video I couldn't resist. Shipping adds $6.99 but it's still a great deal especialy if your ordering other items. 6 " Fractional Digital Caliper with Large Display 3 Way Reading: Inch, Metric, Fraction Item...
  9. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    So, I built my first drawer box today (rabbet and groove joinery) and realized that I need some help in the measuring and set-up department. With that in mind I'm looking at buying some set-up blocks and a caliper. Right now, I'm leaning towards a 0.001" resolution vernier scale caliper...
  10. Hand Tools
    I found this video link in my inbox this AM :
  11. Woodworking Skill Share
    Had to replace a caliper case HERE
  12. Blogs
    getting the exact measurements on a spindle using calipers.(turning) There was a project that i did once where i was making a matched set of 6 candle holders that had to be exactly the same. The problem was, i couldn't seem to get all of the candle sticks the right width. They were always too...
  13. Blogs
    Vape pen stand As an amputee I have intense phantom pain that only a relief vape can stop. If you lay them on their side all the juice pools on the side instead of at the base of the wick. The vape pens themselves have a small, tippy, footprint that easily falls over even if your hand is steady...
    12v 14-20 1x12 2x10 2x4 3d 5v 6-32 ac adhesive air air nailer air stapler alien tape am antenna arduino art article arts and crafts audio aviation backup bandsaw bar bargraph battery bead beading bed bevel bifold billiards biscuit biscuit joiner black black limba blade block bluetooth bolt bowl box brad brass pull brazilian brazilian cherry brazillian cherry brush brushes buffer bushing buss bar button cable cad caliper camera can cap screw car carry carving case cash caster casters cat cedar chain chamfer cherry chicken chisel chop saw cigar clamp clamps clear clock cogs corner corral cover cross crosscut crowns cube curly dado dead bolt detail detail sander devlin diode display dmm dog door door stop double hinge double miter dovetail drawer drill drill press drill-driver dual bowl dugout dvm easter edge electrical electrode electronics end engraver f-clamp fast fast-joint feeder file filter finishing fir flag flame flap flat bars floor tile fm forstner forstnerdrill press freud g0738 gadget garage gate glass graph grizzly half lap heart hearts hinge humidity hydrometer idea incra inlay insulation insulin jatoba jb weld jesus jig jigsaw johnsons joiner joining joint jointer kitchen klockit knife knob lace lacewood lap laser lathe lcd led lexal lexan lid lidded lighted lighter limba lock m1000 machine mahogany maple marble mesh metal screen meter milling mini miter miter saw modern mortise morty mouse ms msrp nailer oak obs ogee oss padauk paint painting panel paper paste pine pipe plan planer plant platform plunge ply plywood poly pool poplar porch porter porter-cable printed printer prism project progress puck pull pulls purple purple heart purpleheart push rabbet radio rail raised rebuild rectifier regulator remote resaw retail rgb rick rick and morty ricktacular rip ros rosewood router rtv rubber rubber cement rule saloon sander sanding sapele saw scrap screen screening screw scroll saw scrollsaw shaping shop shrine sketch skill sliding small project snips sofa spanish splitter stain stand stash station statuette steampunk steel stereo stile stop storage storm straightedge strong styrofoam syringe t21347 t32004 table tablesaw tap tapered tapped temp temperature template tenon testors thinner threaded till time tip titos green tool box tool caddy tool tray tote traditional travel tray trim trunk turning tutorial twin screw unity ups vape pen stand vape stand vial voltage vsr vu walnut waterford wax weather wenge wire wiring wonderbread wood yellow yellow heart yellowheart zebrawood
  14. Blogs
    Hand Tools - Working on going unplugged a little With the confidence gained recently with the use of properly sharped chisels, I decided to make hand tools the center of my next tool splurge. True to my word, with the great customer service provided by Highland Woodworking, I placed another...
  15. Blogs
    How Did I Live Without You? Today I received the 6" dial caliper I ordered. I've been woodworking for 4 years and today feels like the first time I've actually known what something measured. Before I just held up a Starrett 6" rule to whatever I was measuring and went from there. Close enough...
  16. Blogs
    caliper Anybody know any reliable good vernier calipers
  17. Blogs
    Calipers, the frugal way. --or-- I'm a complete tightwad, and here's proof. I'm pretty frugal. I had it drilled into me by my parents, who are also extremely frugal. Most of the time I'm grateful for it. Every now and then I'm just the tiniest bit ashamed. I'm not sure yet which category...
1-17 of 17 Results