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  1. Journal Replacement Chest of Drawers

    LONG time ago, back when Norm Abram was still in his little shop...I cobbled up a pile of scraps from the shop...plywood, pine, pallet wood, and made a small 4 drawer Chest of Drawers.. yeah...I think I can do a wee bit better than this? Handles were glued and screwed in place...doubt IF I can...
  2. We make the Reddit logo on a wood lathe turning. Material of bog oak

    Hello. Today I decided to make the Reddit logo on the wood-turning
  3. Winged Bowls

    These winged bowls are a joy to make and tests one's tool control to the extreme. I also find them great for those times when I have a small diameter log in a valuable species, because, although the bowl section is no larger than if I made a conventional bowl, the overall size of a winged bowl...
  4. California Walnut Live Edge Coffee Table

    California walnut live edge coffee table with some incredible figuring. Simple hairpin legs so the wood remains the centerpiece.
  5. Just a table, that's the problem; simplemente una mesa, ese fué el problema.

    Nothing to say: just imagine how to buid it. Nada que decir: solo imaginate como la harías. After some post, I find there is something to be said: the hand is an indonesian handcraft. Después de algunos comentarios, decir que la mano es una artesanía indonesia.
  6. Coral Tree Pencil Holder

    Made this from spalted Coral Tree wood. Also known as the "Flame Tree", it is the offical city tree of Los Angeles. Mostly ornamental, its showy, red flowers bloom before the leaves appear. When I first turned this, the wood was very wet, fibrous, and monotonously white, and it smelled like...
  7. Bar I built several years ago

    This is a bar I built for our house several years ago (this is the third project I ever built). The cedar behind the bar and the live edge shelves were done last year with the shelves mounted on threaded rods that were first inserted in the wall.
  8. Zero Clerance Insert

    So I have been looking on here and it seemed like one common thing is that people have is their own zero clearance insert. I didnt want to buy one, so I made one!
  9. California has it's first state amphibian, the Red Legged Frog

    Item Title = California Red Legged Frog Description: Effective January 1, 2015, California will have a new official state amphibian: the California red-legged frog. Perhaps best known for its probable appearance in Mark Twain's short story "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County," the...
  10. Oak Sofa Table

    So what do you do with some extra pieces of wood in the shop? You make a sofa table. This one is out of Red Oak and finished off with a dark walnut oil and 3 coats of clear shellac. The top also has a coat of quick dry Poly and a couple of coats of wax applied to it. It was a fun project and...
  11. Adirondack Setee

    I've been thinking about building an adirondack chair for some time and having seen one of these made by deeman ( I decided that was the type I'd build. As hardwood was out of my price range it had to be out of pine (not ideal for oudoor furniture, I know)...

    Made this tenderizing board for my wife to go with the mallet . All the maple came from my maple off cut bin and with a bit of shuffling I was able to enough pieces to make this board and just to add a little I added a piece of Jatoba to one corner . The sides are cut at an 7 DEG.angle to make...
  13. Prototype Wine & Glasses Rack

    I just finished a prototype build of a wine bottle and glasses rack. The incentive for my design came from an Instructables build by foradoescritorio: Lumber used started out as ~ 5/8" pallet wood run through the...
  14. 3 Drawer Floating Shelf | Inset Teak Drawer Pulls

    This floating shelf is constructed entirely of solid cherry hardwood and features three drawers with custom inset teak drawer pulls. The subtle tone of the pulls accentuate the natural beauty and flowing grain of the cherry wood used in the shelf. The piece easily mounts to the wall via a...
  15. Land fill find

    When at the landfill the other day I found a stack of logs being the type of person I am I dropped the load I had and replaced it with a lot of the "use able" pieces. out of the 3 chunks I put on the lathe This is the only piece that was not to dry and punky to turn. Looks to be Walnut to me...
  16. Bolt Action Pens

    I'm not a big fan of guns. But I know people (e.g. my retired Marine brother-in-law) who have call to use these tools. And they are very nice kits… LtoR: Buckeye Bur, California Pepperwood, Black Walnut.

    This last clock I am keeping for myself. It's primary wood is reclaimed California Redwood (my California heritage) that I get from a small mill in Crescent City, Ca. The face is maple and the pips are English walnut. The tile is a moose (my Alaskan heritage). Thanks for looking.
  18. Canes made from "slash"

    Had some fun messing around with some of the old branches we have plenty of around here (called "slash" by those of us here in Colorado faced with chipping this stuff). The first photo is of an "H" monogram from turquoise I made for my son, the second shows the cane (he's too young yet to need...
  19. Boca Brewery Birdhouse and Feeder By Greg Zirbel

    Artist Greg Zirbel The Boca Brewing Co. located just south of the convergence of the Little Truckee River which drains through the Boca dam and into the Truckee River was one hopping place. One of the best known California breweries of the 19th century started operations in 1876. Boca Lager...
1-20 of 44 Results