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  1. 50" diameter double trunk butterflied end grain white oak tree table

    *finished pictures yet to taken and posted This is a 50" diameter end grain white oak slab, of two conjoined trees. It's around 120 years old, and came off a property in Chester, NJ. The client was heavily landscaping their back yard and my buisness partner came in to do the initial logging...
  2. Taking down a 5+' diameter Red Oak at Thomas Edison's home estate

    This was over a year ago. We were called in by a tree service to salvage this monster! It had some major rot, and metal issues unfortunatley, but we still have some excellent pieces including the burl as seen in the picture. At the time of cutting it the burl weighed in at around 180 pounds or...
  3. Dropping a Massive 5+' diameter Wormy Maple

    A local neighbor wanted this tree taken down about a year ago, here's the pictures of taking it down, trying to pull it with the grapple log skidder (was too heavy making the skidder start to wheely!), then splitting it in half with a 5' bar on a stihl 880 to lighten it up! This log is currently...
1-3 of 3 Results