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  1. cabbage bark wood trinket box

    I was making a wooden clock which required a heavy base. I had come across some cabbage bark wood which had a very distinctive grain pattern. I liked the wood and the shape and size of the base and thought it could be the basis for an attractive box. I butt jointed 2 stock lengths of 70mm x...
  2. Arts & Crafts Storage Coffee Tables

    For my fourth furniture project ever, my sister-in-law asked if I'd make them a coffee table as a wedding present. I asked them what they wanted and they asked me to suggest something. I showed them the Stickley catalog and pointed to the Harvey Ellis Storage Coffee Table that I was planning...
  3. Wood & Lumber
    Hello All, we have a quantity of 110 boards (2'' x 6'' x 10' ft each) of Machiche left over from a container order we brought in. If anybody is interested in this species then you can check it out here: It's amazing stuff, its known as a great flooring /...
1-3 of 3 Results