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  1. Wenge wood grip extension for my HK P30SK! *New update- now holds 13 rounds same grip extension!*

    UPDATE 02-17-2017 The grip doesn't look any different, but I was able to hollow it out to hold 3 more bullets. Because of this I strengthened the inside of the Wenge wood coating it in epoxy. I needed a grip extension for my HK, so why not wood! Made from my favorite, African Wenge Wood scraps...
  2. Chesapeake Bay Retriever intarsia memorial

    Here's my latest intarsia project which has special meaning to me and more to my wife. She became very attached to our Chesapeake Bay Retrievers; Cocoa and Pebbles. The last of the two passed away earlier this year so I wanted to make a gift for her to bring back warm memories of Pebbles. I...
  3. Bocote Ring with Brass

    I have not posted anything in awhile,I have been in Kentucky with my dad, who has a brain tumor and has had to go thru alot of treatment and things to try and shrink it. God has been with him and my family to help us thru it. In my time while helping taking care of him, I found a little free...
  4. Christmas Palm Box by Inspiration

    When I saw the palm boxes that Andy had made a light bulb turned on in my head (and that takes some doin). There is a story (of course) that needs to be told as to why the light went off in my head. Ya see my wife takes her watch off and sits it on something somewhere in the house when she...
  5. My First Bandsaw Box... With a Secret.

    I recently decided to make my first bandsaw box as a Christmas gift. I finished this box about 5-days ago, but wanted to finish the blog series I did on the process first. *For construction details, please visit my Bandsaw Box Blog Series. I'll go ahead and list all the details here, but won't...
  6. Bent Lamination Rings

    I've never been into jewelry making or wearing… but when planing some Mango a while back, I was stuck by the beauty of the shavings and got the hair brained idea to make a laminated ring out of them. I literally stopped mid project and started making the ring. (The ADD runs strong in this...
  7. Casted resin metallic pigment slimline pen

    A casted clear resin with metallic pigment mixed in slimline pen. My first attempt at casting resin - couple of small defects but happy with the pen overall. Very happy with the finish - I've never managed to get wood to take a CA finish like this.
  8. Red cedar vase

    Here's another cedar vase, 10"x 6", finished with BLO, CA glue, general polish and some zymol car wax. I cut a grove along the center, then burned it with a piece of #8 copper wire I'm starting to like cedar! Thanks for looking! Chris
  9. Votive candlestick from firewood

    Little wood turning going on- firewood to a votive candle holder :) Details in the video on wood and my beginning lathe skills
  10. Colored Pencil Ring

    I turned a ring from a box of colored pencils. 12 pencils glued into a blank an then turned on the lathe. Thanks for looking!
  11. Cyanoacrylate (CA) Glue and Micro Mesh Pad Caddie for Pen Turning

    I made this Cyanoacrylate (CA) Glue and Micro Mesh Pad Caddie for working on pens at the lathe. I got tired of not remembering where the micro mesh was located and the various CA glues were always in different places. This caddie also has French Cleats on the back so it can be fixed on the...
  12. Bentwood Rosewood Ring Jewelry

    Bending wood is hard…until it's soft. ;) Not sure how many girls are on this forum but no matter. I have enjoyed looking at many awesome projects here and thought to throw some of mine into the mix. This is my first bentwood ring I ever sold and it was a huge hurdle for me as it took lots...
  13. Macassar Ebony Bentwood Ring

    I am new to this wonderful wood loving community at LumberJocks and hope you all enjoy some of my recent bentwood ring projects I plan to post in my projects. This Macassar Ebony wood ring was crafted using the bentwood method with a very thin copper inlay. I created this specifically for men...
  14. Two drawer birdseye file cabinet with sliding top

    Needed a two drawer file cabinet that would fit under a desk top. Wanted it to have a pull out writing surface. The stiles, rails and the pull out top are American Cherry. The panels are birds eye maple over 1/4 MDF. The drawers are clear white pine. Size: 18" W x 28" H x 27 Deep The Veneer...

    Man cave walnut set consists wallhang bottle opener 31×13.5cm, walnut,wenge and wqlnut lazy susan 50cm diameter with compartments. Finish wood oil.
  16. Mimosa cup / bowl ( #28 )

    A while ago, Pottz sent me a care package that included a piece of mimosa. I've been fighting it for months, and every time I would turn it, it seemed to want to fly into a million pieces. Tried hollowing it with a spade bit. Then tried a Forstner bit. Finally got a side-scraper to finish the...
  17. Eagle and avalanche

    I cut this eagle with my delta scroll saw. It was 70ish pieces. Measures roughly 22"×18". Cut from baltic birch ply and birch ply. Spray painted and some hand painting. The avalanche logo was 16 pieces with a toothpick pictured in the center to show sizing.
  18. woodburnt dolphin

    hey all havent been doing much in the way of building things, been busy lately with odd jobs but in the evenings i can sit inside and relax and still create things, this here i made for a friend, more burning to come soon, have a good day everyone! and thanks for looking
  19. Brazillian Cherry Bowl with Decorative Sand Inlay

    Brazillian Cherry bowl with decorative sand inlay The three pieces of wood were glued with Original Gorilla Glue Polish was EEE UltraShine and then I sanded it off and sprayed it with gloss The inlay was made with 25% white and 75% terracotta decorative sand inlayed with CA glue. It was...
  20. coffe table / bench

    would love to sale these unique bench
1-20 of 81 Results