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  1. Carved Walking Stick

    I sat on the porch carving this little guy, and I was really pleased with the way it turned out. It took a long while to carve the wrapping design. The whole thing was carved with a bucknife.
  2. dinner table, benches, and chairs

    I only had time to do one bench while I was home from work. I'll do the next one and try to get the end chairs done when I'm home next time.
  3. Counter Top Shelf

    All she wanted was a counter-top shelf to save space. A simple trestle would have worked fine. But Nooooo, I had to make it complicated and way beyond my neophyte abilities. Then, half-way through, the wet monsoon started, and the jump in humidity played havoc on the joints. As hand-tool...
  4. Sofa / Hall Table

    Sofa/Hall Table Australian Blackwood: Tapered legs, mitred lap joints, wedged through tenons (Ebony), butterflies. Finish - Kunos Natural Oil.
  5. Wearble Wooden Ring - Canary, Maple, and Walnut

    This is a wearable wooden ring made up of layers of Canary, Maple, and Walnut. The wood was joined such that the grain orientation of each layer compliments the neighboring layer in terms of strength. The ring was cut out, hand-shaped (no lathe involved), and sanded using increasingly finer...
  6. Site Help and Suggestions
    Howdy, Does anyone have any resources on a kids wooden sandbox excavator they can share? I'm wanting to build one but wouldn't mind following a plan that has been done well. Even a project that has good pics would be helpful! Thanks LJ community!
1-7 of 7 Results