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  1. Custom Walnut Dining Table

    This was a commissioned build. Walnut on walnut. Contemporary.
  2. Bluebird bird house

    Made from reclaimed pallet wood. There's oak, fir, and poplar in there for sure. Maybe something else, too. Base is 5" square on the inside, and the hole is 6" off the base, and 1.5" in diameter, which are the numbers for the western bluebird. The roof overhangs enough to hopefully keep ravens...
  3. One Sheet of Plywood = Two Tables

    These tables were made for a friend and will be used as display tables. The tables will be covered so a nice finish is not necessary. These were made from one sheet of 3/4 ply, butt joints and pocket screws. Table 1: 36w x 26l x 28t Table 2: 16w x 56l x 35t
  4. Joinery
    Hi I'm new to the forum and looking for some beginner advice. The wife wants me to build a table like this. The instructions I found online only use pocket screws to join everything together. I feel like that's not strong enough joints for s table this big. All the pieces are 4×4 so they're...
  5. Blogs
    One Project & Class Descriptions Good week for struggles and not-quite-there-yets in the woodshop this week. Three projects left the floor complete. The first, chalkboard that has been wind-blown, vandalized and otherwise destroyed three times. We'll see if it sticks this time. Here's the...
  6. Blogs
    Cart Carcass I bought a compressor last week; a PC 3 nailer combo pack. With the limited space I have in the shop, portability is a necessity. Wood magazine had a plan for a compressor station in a back issue that I had so I decided to build their model. I spent a few hours last night cutting...
  7. Finishing
    Hi Lumberjocks! I have about 1200 sq ft of pine planks to finish. I will be giving them a Propylene glycol/Boric Acid/Borax treatment (post beetles-may not be an active infestation but want to make sure), I also need to give them a light sanding to even out some uneven spots (long story). I've...
1-7 of 7 Results