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  1. Thanks, Peter Lloyd

    Well…....I haven't made nor posted anything new in a while. You know, school and work kinda take up a lotta my time. I am taking a humanities class this semester and it is really inspiring me to start creating again. God created me with a gift for being artistic and I have been neglecting that...
  2. A pen a day...the sickness is escalating

    The pens really allow me to work with techique and design, some of it works, some…not so much, but usually the wood shines through the bad design and it's a success story anyway.
  3. Cedar Wishing Well - 6 foot tall

    I don't know if this qualifies for this site, it's not really fine woodworking, but I had fun building it and it is nice in the back yard. I can delete it if it's not appropriate - just let me know… In October 2010 we got rid our our last Corvette which opened my garage/shop back up for...
  4. Easy Dust Separator

    This is the build of a dust separator. I needed something to pull the dust away from power tools that had a 2" or smaller hose attachment. My 1.5 hp, 6" hose double chamber vacumn didn't pull enough suction when necked down to the smaller diameters. I had downloaded the Bill Pentz...
  5. Woodworking Skill Share
  6. Blogs
    Upper Shop Cabinets $36.70 Matthew and I were going to do a video this weekend but got side tracked with the need for storage. Things are piling up and disorder is setting in. Time to get things in order a little. Last week I added a drawing for shop cabinets to the free plans section on...
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Ok, out of square may be a stretch, but it's the truth. The CT146 by Craftex (busy bee tools) is 3 thousands of an inch out of square. lol, I know, I have it bad. But my question to you is, do you like to have your fence tilt a few thou away from the blade on the back end, or do you like it DEAD...
  8. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    This is a little pun on the "How I see my girlfriend" photo that is popping around the internet. We call it, "Our Table Saw" Happy Friday Everyone.
  9. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    For those with the TS-3650 or the CT-146 here is a video just posted today from Busy Bee.
1-10 of 10 Results