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  1. Corner Shelf

    Well here it is a week later than I planned. I got laid up and couldn't walk for a bit. Some of you may remember this blog about the recycled honey do… I finally got it done. It has three coats of oil based gloss poly, hand sanded with 0000...
  2. Cherry Coffee Table

    Cherry coffee table with a hidden compartment. The finish was burn around the edges. Made As a commission for a local client. 55"L x 32"w x 28 "t
  3. Redwood Burl and Walnut Hall Table

    Redwood Burl and Walnut. Some malachite fill here and there.
  4. nightstands

    Two tiny nightstands that I made to go in the tiny space on each side of my bed. Both made from recycled pallet wood and balusters I got from a deck job I worked on. Charred both with torch, you can see the difference in appearance before and after in pic 3.
  5. My take on Lutheran style Cross

    Another Christmas present I made. Found the Lutheran style cross used by my parents church online and built something similar. Used recycled fence and palley wood. Charred with a torch.Painted certain parts with metallic blue, altough fourth pic shows the look without the paint. coated with sealant.
  6. Two for one tattered burnt flags

    Might as well make 2 for 1 since I'm doing two slightly different designs ,ones a real old style burnt and the other one is going to be ancient looking,floting in water,old dock board style. Stay tuned for more…I'm also doing another one without burning the wood but same size,you might see it...
  7. Burned Chestnut Bowl

    9.5"x3.25" Chestnut. Pulled this out of a burnt brush pile.
  8. Burnt up Necklace Display

    A friend of the family runs an Etsy shop called Lily and Maze and was getting ready to do a local craft fair a while back. She asked if I could make her a necklace display, gave me the approximate dimensions and let me at it. I didn't really ask how she wanted it done and she didn't say so for...
  9. Bradford Pear Basket Illusion Bowl

    This one was started way back in January with a fresh cut green log from a green wood supplier / tree trimmer - a lot of steps to the end result - some of them are--tree processed , rough turned , DNA bath ,Dried ,Turned to shape,Holes drilled for rim weave , Beaded (50 rings inside and 50...
1-9 of 9 Results