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  1. coloring books patterns

    I have heard several tomes that anyone can get patterns from coloring books, so My adventure started. I went looking in my home, my Daughters home in the stores, in both my son's homes, and I have come out with a few patterns that is making young parents, wanting me to hurry and finish alot of...
  2. horse breaking

    I wanted to do another picture of the pattern I had with the cowboy breaking his horse. I have several plaques that I had made in few years ago, for another priject and he=ad these left so I put this picture on here. The turn out of this picture to me is quit nice but burning ontop of poly is...
  3. More cartoon classics

    here are more of those cartoon classic animals. I counted and I have done more than 28 pictures. each one has it own look to it and will look even more distinctivewhen I decide if to color or to leave as is and do more burning to them. I have found that there are alot of different pictures out...
  4. fawns in a winter scene

    Well I tried to paont a few pictures with some paint pens thats I purchased a few years back. They turned out to be nice prints, but not what I was really looking for. I picked up some colored pencils to see how they will turn out on a picture or two. Well here acouple prints that I used paint...
  5. Boy toys and best friends

    heres a few more, tried to come up with something that I could bring out the Black and White colr of a picture. just looked at the pictures and tried to see what I felt was alook of each pictures and bring it out in a picture. Hope you all enjoy them...
  6. some of my work, a relief carving and two woodburnings

    these are pics of some of my work. the goldfish is a releif carving on basswood. the woodburning of Gandolf is done on a basswood plank the Animi woodburning is done on a maple door. sorry the picture has shadows. lousy camera. this should hold you all over till i get some new work done.
  7. TIGER IN THE WATER from Start to Finish

    HERES ONE THAT MY DUGHTER HAS ALREADY TOLD ME THAT sHE WANT TWO OF THEM MADE. TIGERS ARE HER FAVORITE ITEM TO HANG ON HER WALL. Here is the one I will keep for my sale. I talked to my Daughter today, and she doesn't know wether to leave as a wood burning or color them I will be starting on them...
  8. still fruit basket

    my wife was looking through my pattern book and decided she wanted this one to go with her still fern plant I had done for her earlier. I was really dreading doing this one for all the details that was involve in it. it proved to be easier than I thought. hope you all enjoy them as I have had...
  9. Leo

    I have a thing for Lions because I'm a Leo. This was my first animal.
  10. Feathers

    I took a course to learn how to burn. The first stage was feathers.
  11. Just another tiger in the Water

    Well I think I have done it. Heres one that I mixed burning with acrylic paint. I seen this picture and had to try it. It started out as a puzzle of my Grandaughters, and copied to black and white then burned. After looking at the picture I wanted to try my acrylic paint with one and you all...
  12. 1969 Pontiac trans Am

    I thought I would try something new. I hope it turns out as good as the photo I have. Tell me what you think on this 69" Pontiac Trans Am. Your Friend Jim
  13. 1968 El Camino

    Heres another one for you all. Hope you all like it. Jim
  14. 68' El Comino

    Ok you all wanted it colored here it is. This is before I added the finish to it. but I wanted to show you before I put a shine to it. Hope you all like it. Your LJ Friend...
  15. 1969 Pontiac Trans Am

    Heres another one painted for you before I add the finish, Hope you all like them, If you will look real close I added CHROME Paint instead of white or silver, It really made the chrome stick out, just a little...
  16. Mr. Owl

    Well in between my two grandkids, I thought I would start a new little project. Here again I combined the combination of wood burning and paint. After looking at the project, it DID set the picture off. Hope you all enjoy it...
  17. Butteryfly in the grass

    Heres another one out of my patterns. Hope you all enjoy them Your LJ Friend JIM
  18. 70' Chevy Nova

    Heres another old classic. Hope you all enjoy them. Jim
  19. 1969 Olds 442

    heres another in the series of muscle cars. hope you all enjoy them. Jim
  20. Another Fruit Basket

    Heres another fruit basket, for the one I sold I wanted one for the selections. Hope you all enjoy them Jim
1-20 of 64 Results