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  1. Cat dog Beds

    After cutting out the pieces, cutting out the paw print in the headboard, sanding and assembly I burn the beds with my torch to make the grain stand out in the finished product. Next the they are stained in red mahogany After drying they are sealed with indoor outdoor poly for protection and...
  2. Mother's Day gift, Recipe holder turned into a photo holder

    Before Mother's Day, my 4 year old son and I made this photo holder. I got the idea from Steve Ramsey's recipe holder. The bases were made from some left over scraps that were cut from some bracelets I made. I cleaned these up on the lathe and burned some lines in them. My son used the drill...
  3. Burned Hangar 18 Mural

    My first real pyrography experiment. During a previous assignment, the Air Force had me stationed in Dayton, OH. While I was there, our building stood up a heritage room and had a 'name the room' contest. The winner: Hangar 18, which according to legend was the location where we kept the aliens...
  4. Custom Wood Burned Maple and Walnut Box

    Custom wood burned box make of Maple and Walnut. Inside is lined with velvet.
  5. Wood Burned Wall Art

    Scrap project. Wood burned piece of maple framed in walnut.
  6. Rustic Wooden Flags

    What was new is now old again. On a Flag kick lately, trying different techniques for aging wood. The colored flag is a different flag/different technique.
  7. small kithen table made from pallet wood

    Made this small table for friend out of some more pallet wood. Scorched w propane torch and stained finish
  8. kitchen sink shelf

    This is the first thing I personally made from only wood. I made this shelf to go over my kitchen sink because I have a very small kitchen with limited storage space. I used an old table leaf I found as the top and built the rest with recycled pallet wood and an old pantry cabinet a friend was...
  9. Carved & Charred Crosses

    Made this as a Christmas present for my sister. The main cross is made from recycled privacy fence. the medium sized cross is made of cedar driftwood found in lake at the house. The smallest i carved out of a piece of 1×6 scrap. Used a rotary tool to carve design into biggest cross and scorched...
  10. nightstands

    Two tiny nightstands that I made to go in the tiny space on each side of my bed. Both made from recycled pallet wood and balusters I got from a deck job I worked on. Charred both with torch, you can see the difference in appearance before and after in pic 3.
  11. My take on Lutheran style Cross

    Another Christmas present I made. Found the Lutheran style cross used by my parents church online and built something similar. Used recycled fence and palley wood. Charred with a torch.Painted certain parts with metallic blue, altough fourth pic shows the look without the paint. coated with sealant.
  12. Filii Mei Table

    I made this table with my two sons, before they move. It was a sweet time together. The top is cedar, with burned natural edges. The base is hand-sculpted maple with Black lacquer. I added the extra "foot" with steel rods, well, just because. Any and all critique/comments are welcome!
  13. Burned Research Lab Mural

    The unofficial follow-up to the Hangar 18 picture I burned earlier. This one was to add a finishing touch to a recently-constructed conference center. I added a few pens, techniques and a butane torch over the last one to get me the detail I was looking for. The source picture was taken shortly...
  14. More burned bandsaw boxes

    More boxes made from pallet wood and burned with a propane torch, finished with a light brown stain and poly
  15. "From the Deep"

    Cherry burl bowl deconstructed, reconstructed, burned, dyed and copper leaf in the center
  16. Ice Storm Birch Wood Pen

    I collected some fallen branches from a birch tree this winter. I turned one into some pen blanks, and you see the results above. I also burned in a few lines to give the light coloured wood some more character. This particular piece has some bark inclusions in it, which also added some...
  17. Old Stone Mill

    This is burned on pine. board is 3/4" select grade. piece is 10×20". Pic is original exept barn is from a sketch posted on by gman (greg), so I have to give him credit for that, it was a good drawing.
  18. double Eagle wall clock

    after trying the Elmers glue and water on a scrap piece of wood I put it on my wall clock. Here is the finish product. Tell me what you think. Jim
  19. more enough clocks for everyone

    OK here are three more clocks from the past, the first one is an wood burned owl desk type, the second is a desk type with pen set (solid oak), the third one is a plane desk type clock. hope these are ones that you might like. wood-driver...
  20. Burned Chestnut Bowl

    9.5"x3.25" Chestnut. Pulled this out of a burnt brush pile.
1-20 of 26 Results