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  1. Ice Cream Scoop with Celtic Knot inlay, knurled and burned

    My first prototypes of this project went to relatives for Christmas gifts. I hadn't used the lathe in 15 or 20 years and started with some avocado "firewood". I kept refining techniques and learned to use glue liberally and patiently on the inlay. I used yellow heart and purple heart on this one...
  2. Custom Wood Burned Maple and Walnut Box

    Custom wood burned box make of Maple and Walnut. Inside is lined with velvet.
  3. Wood Burned Wall Art

    Scrap project. Wood burned piece of maple framed in walnut.
  4. -scrap bin challenge- burn box to Bluenose

    Here is my latest project - A scale model of the famous Canadian schooner Bluenose. Its the same ship as on a Canadian 10 cent coin. Made to scale with no plans or help, just a lot of google to find sizes etc. Made almost totally from scrap wood and other things around the house. The hull is...
  5. Shou-sugiban Beer Hutch (Gothic)

    Started a project with no real intent, plan, dimensions; just happened across a 38"x36"x2" slab of old growth Japanese Cedar that a local sawyer had sitting around for 65 years! He was cleaning shop and let it go for $20! In true Japanese fashion, both faces were completely straight grain and...
  6. A few clocks

    Here's a small archive of a few clocks I've made in the past couple of years. The first is from a piece of wood I found from a scrap pile at a woodsmith store. I loved the bark on the side, and used a small piece of cherry for the face. My wife talked me into embedded some beads for the face...
  7. Engineer castles

    Engineer castles I do for people on base. Quick little item but good turn around
  8. 1940's Saw pony express

    Hello friends, i hope all is well with you and yours! This was inspired by Roy Underhill's episode on the Woodwright's Shop. If you want a good old fashioned saw horse to use your classic Disston on, then I assure you this one is tough as nails in it's construction. I have been wanting saw...
  9. christmas for the grandkids

    I have 2 grandchildren who were born 11 days apart. 1- boy, 1-girl. They are 1yr old. My grand daughter's other grandfather is into Harley's. So I had to make her a Riley Davidson. Riley being her name. And as most of you know, you can't do for one without doing for the other as well. Thus, the...
  10. Ice Storm Birch Wood Pen

    I collected some fallen branches from a birch tree this winter. I turned one into some pen blanks, and you see the results above. I also burned in a few lines to give the light coloured wood some more character. This particular piece has some bark inclusions in it, which also added some...
  11. Simple mirror frame.

    This is a simple mirror frame I made to go with my daughter's bed and dresser Nothing too fancy. The only addition will be some hooks screwed into the sides so she can hang her medals or some jewelery from the sides...
  12. Family tree for my grand mother

    Dear Lumber Jocks, Originally created June 2011 This is one of my first projects that I was really proud. I was making this box for my Grandmother that I was very close. I was going to present it to her on my next visit. My visit kept getting delayed for one reason or another. She died...
  13. Supersize me !

    Hello , this is another commisioned piece made from Maple and Black Walnut . It is 16"wide x 20" long plus the handle adds about 5" to it and it is 9/16" thick . I reduced the thickness from 3/4" due to the weight factor for the elderly couple that ordered it from me. They love it and commented...
  14. Ordnance wings "bat"

    "bat" "ordnance wings i did for a gunny.
  15. Inlaid Mimosa Clock

    Cut from a tree at work. Used a microwave transformer to burn a fractal pattern above the crack in the middle, and then filled both with turquoise. I wanted it to look like a tree coming out of the ground. Finished with Sam Maloof oil/poly. First time doing any fractal burns or inlay work so...
  16. LightningWood Dinner Table

    table renovation , started out with green sides and legs, and brown top - the legs i sanded and electrocuted, the sides got sanded, stained, then sanded again, and the top just got sanded and all poly'ed.
  17. A few woodburned things

    Some things I made ages ago. The box with "magic" on it I made using dovetails, the other is a simple cigar box I found somewhere.
  18. The Box

    Walnut, one coat BLO. Nothing on the interior yet, will be some simple dividing trays, also walnut. Burn is from where the tree caught fire from a lightning strike. No joke.
  19. Wood & Lumber
    Is there any danger in burning PTW considering the wood is rotted? In other words, does the toxicity dissipate over time?
  20. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have a shopfox benchtop mortiser that ALWAYS burns the stock I am trying to mortise. I tried readjusting the chisels, I tried going at incredibly slow feed rates, and there is always a lot of smoke coming form the stock and a lot of burning. I thought maybe it was the chisel part of the bit...
1-20 of 37 Results