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  1. Oak Burl Cribbage Board

    I made this cribbage board for my father out of an oak burl that I cut from a fallen tree on his property. The holes were laid out using a paper template and I punched each one with an awl before drilling them with an 1/8" brad-point bit. The peg drawer was turned from an old redwood limb that I...
  2. What to do with a free burl 1st of 3 projects

    I got this burl from my nephew while in MN this summer. He had found it on his Dad's property and thought it was cool, but didn't know what to do with it. I told him I knew exactly where it should go. Home with me! This is the first chunk off the burl, not a lot to work with, but it's a...
  3. Free Burl Project 2

    Here is the second chunk off the burl from MN. This was was a wild ride, but eventually did get somewhat stable during the turning. I might put it back on the lathe at some point, but I'm at the point where it may end up sawdust if I do anymore because of the inclusions under the bowl. Huge...
  4. Mesquite Burl - Book matched serving/cutting board and a Pen

    These mesquite burl off-cuts were thrown in with a batch of wood I bought off of craigslist a few months ago. I finally took a good look and saw that 2 pieces were book-matched and when I put them together it had natural handle formed at the small so I figured, cutting board! You can see I...
  5. Burl Box

    Back in November a friend sent me a couple of pieces of walnut burl veneer. I've finally gotten around to using it in a project. This is a relatively small box, the overall dimensions are 4 3/4" x 2 3/8" x 2 3/8". The sides are 3/8" thick walnut, the lid is 3/8" thick tiger maple, and the...
  6. Wood Vase

    I was feeling pretty good 4 weeks ago and made 3 projects. The first one is made from Rainbow Popler and it had alot of curl and minerial lines going althrough it. After sanding to 600g I put on 2 coats of Deft UV inhibitor oil and then let it dry. The next day I buffed it using the Beall...
  7. World's Largest Burl - Port McNeil, British Columbia

    World's Largest Burl - Port McNeil, British Columbia
  8. Simple serving tray

    A little quick build using a chunk of burl I had hanging around. My new hobby is turquoise inlay so I had to use a bit here, I wish this burl had more defects ;)
  9. Red Wood Burl Table with Blackened Cherry Base

    56"x30"x21" Redwood burl top, blackened cherry log bottom.
  10. Where Good Pipes Go

    Pipe Cabinet on stand for a well known American pipe carver. Cherry, White Oak, Gabon Ebony, curly Maple, Smoke tree Burl. Handmade pin and key locking mechanism. I'm pleased with every portion of this make which is rare for me. A real sense of satisfaction.
  11. Latest Turnings

    All turned on a homemade lathe made from an old railroad tie. All peruvian woods.
  12. First Bowls

    Bowls are purple heart, butternut, burl maple (with some really light spalting on the oppostie side but only showed the burl in the pics since I like it more), Box elder, and maple, from left to right. They are the first bowls I've ever produced. Though now that I think about it there not in...
  13. Maple Branch Bowl

    A small bowl from a Maple branch bump. Finished with Beeswax. 8cm across :)
  14. Boxguy Takes The Rorschach Test

    Story: On a farm nearby a friend was cutting down the remains of a 200 year old maple tree that had reached the end of its days. Time and decay had done in its last remaining live branch. I noticed a large burl on the side of the tree and asked my friend if I could have it. With a roar, he...
  15. Just a few of my boxes. Most with Through Dovetail Joinery.

    I have had pretty good success with building small keepsake boxes as gifts, special requests and to sell. Here is a sampling of some of my completed projects. My usual box construction is to use solid wood for the cases planed to 1/2" thickness. The tops are fancy veneer, matched inside and...
  16. Burl Pine End Table Turquoise Inlay

    Burl Pine end table, Sits on a burl cottonwood base and has a burl cottonwood top. We inlayed a piece of burl pine in the top and laced turquoise though the pine veins. It is 23" tall and the top measure 17"x22" We finished the top with tongue oil and the burl pin pedestal was sprayed with...
  17. burl pen

    I made the same pen for this guy a couple of years ago and he just flat wore it out, he loved it so much he is having me make a couple more. Soft grip pen from Craft Supplies USA. Unknown burl, supplied by the customer. 12 coats of CA polished to 12000 grit.
  18. Maple Burl Bowl

    Maple burl bowl - my first burl. A friend at work gave me a maple burl, this is only half as it was to big for my lathe. So I made two blocks instead of 1. Left it with some of the natural bark, and not a flat top as I thought added some extra character. It was a fun project and everystep of...
  19. Failed Humidor

    This was a simple humidor with a lift lid, nothing too fancy, but my first attempt at burl veneer and solid mitered edge bandings. The main box is 3/4 cherry, which is a bit thicker than what I planned. I wanted it heavy and less susceptible to moisture even though it would be lined, but in...
  20. Seymour Work Table Reproduction

    The table is a reproduction Thomas and John Seymour federal period work table from 1805-1815. The original is on display in the White House. This was one of my most challenging projects yet mainly due to the complexity of the lunette banding and hand reeded legs. Woods Top - Maple Burl and...
41-60 of 500 Results