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  1. Juniper Log Burl Floor Lamp, Turquoise Inlay

    Burled Juniper Floor Lamp we wanted to share with you. This was a very fun project. I really enjoy the inlay process although it is time consuming and you need patience. I like to sit in the quiet with my tweezers and inlay away. Very relaxing,,,,,, until you stand up and all your muscles are...
  2. Cherry burl bowl turning

    This piece is a cherry wood burl. I was able to keep The live edge in good condition . The wood was very aromatic and worked nicely on the 50 year old PM model 90
  3. Madrone Hollow From-Thank You JIM JOACHIMS

    This is a cool story! Jim is a friend of mine who purchases burl from me. I gave him this old dry cracked up 12×12 x 6 block of Madrone burl. I told him to see if he could do anything with it. Unexpectedly a week later or so he gave it back to me as a present. Thank You Jim. Your are the best...
  4. no frills cross cut sled w/ a twist

    I finally had to have a sled to make the final length cuts on the glued up top of a hope chest for my oldest daughter. Nothin' fancy… just a plane Jane utility sled. 38" x 27" between the fences, 1/2" Melamine, 4/4 salvaged Mahogony fences joined and planed dead flat. We have significant...
  5. Juniper Gun Cabinet-made from "Forest Reclaimed" wood

    Juniper Gun Cabinet-made from "Forest Reclaimed" wood- The juniper on this cabinet was goregous, especially the burl on the front of the door. Accents like a deer shed antler handle and combination lock were added to this piece. Finish is a Tung oil,Poly mix. The wood came from "Forest...
  6. Claro Walnut Burl and Redwood Burl Z-Stiks!

    This one is the prettiest to date. And the Redwood burl one didnt turn out to bad either! Also we are going to be turning out Donuts and donut hole shakers also! This is Fun stuff!
  7. Focus on the Workspace
    Greetings! I have a question…. what is the best surface for a woodworking workshop floor? I just ordered a shed with a plywood floor that will be my woodshop. Does anyone out there have any suggestions as to what I should do with the floor? I think I read somewhere that vinyl tile is good...
  8. Wood & Lumber
    My husband and I just bought a home with a large Burl Wood. We cut it down, but are not sure of it is worth anything. It is oak.
  9. Wood & Lumber
    Im new to the burl movement, yet i found a burl tree on my propery. Ive already harvested it, and im not sure what to do, should i cut it into slices?, or boards, how much is it worth? Is anyone out there interested? I own a new company called Elementation's, and im tempted to make tables out of...
  10. Blogs
    Getting the plan We have had many requests for coffee tables, so we are making them as fast as we can. We plan on making 2 more coffee tables and I think the next two will have glass tops, anyway here is the project that I am working on. This table has a "sweeping" movement to it. I had a...
  11. Blogs
    Sandblasted ready for sanding Well, we were invited to be a part of an "By Invitation Only" showroom. It is called Rocky Mountain Design center, located in Evergreen Colorado right of I-70. This is a 25,000sg ft showroom which features all high end lodge type home furnishing, from all of the...
  12. Blogs
    Rough Material, ready to begin The guy that purchased this table has a 600 lb granite top. So we had to make something large, sturdy and yet attractive. The cottonwood came from the K Ranch on the Colorado Utah border in Dinosaur Colorado. And yes it is seriously the name of a town. Here is...
  13. Blogs
    Wicked Floor Lamp, what ribbon like movement Nothing like having numerous projects to work on This lamp is very ribbon like; really flat but with lots of movement. It does have a small burl. The base will be cut down to size which will also shorten the lamp so that it is not so tall. We will...
  14. Blogs
    Cutting Spalted Maple Pen Blanks by OregonBurls Cutting Spalted Maple Burl Pen Blanks *Ebay Link if you are interested is*
  15. Blogs
    Nice Find I have been passing the piece in my yard for about 3 years and new that it had good figure but it was checked and did not want to put the effort into processing it. Well I did today and was pretty impressed. So without farther a due… can any one guess what kind of wood this is...
  16. Blogs
    New CNC Wood Caver for We have just invested in a Legacy Artisan 5 axis Milling Machine. Still learning learning it but it is fairly easy. The working deck is 72" x 24" and has the ability to turn tapered spindles. It is fun!
  17. Blogs
    Greg's Maple Burl Guitar Drop Top This drop top is going to be for me. It has a bullet in the wood. I believe that it is old because there is no copper but dont know. Just wanted to show off this interesting piece. If you are a guitar builder, Oregon Burls has lots of drop tops and billets
  18. Blogs
    Guitar Billet Wood! Though I would show some of my guitar wood off! Claro Burl, Myrtle burl, Oak Burl and figured madrone
  19. Blogs
    Only for LumberJocks... Free shipping at Oregonburls Hey everyone. I am offering exclusively to LJs frees shipping at Here is the scoop! Orders over $75 I will pay for shipping excluding slab or heavy items (only in the USA). Email me with what you would like and I will...
1-20 of 22 Results