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  1. Going ashore for the last time....ding ding

    A recent retirement ceremony inspired this one. It is tradition for a retiring Sailor, Marine, Coast Guardsman, etc to request permission to go ashore for the last time at the close of the ceremony. When granted, the retiree is piped ashore for the last time. The ceremonial bullets are set up...
  2. Seahawks Poker Table AKA: the best poker table EVER!

    PLEASE FORGIVE ANY TYPOS AND MISSPELLINGS… I am posting on my phone and I miss letters often and my spell check doesnt work on here. It has been a long time since I have posted any porojects. This one took me a long time because I had to get creative with obtaining materials due to being laid...
  3. Firewood Ballistics

    In the summer, I sawed wood for my shop stove. When I went out to grab an armload one morning, a shiny spot caught my eye. Upon close inspection I discovered that it was a spent round from shooting my S/W 357 magnum in the woods. I thought, hey why don't I sand this and see what it looks like...
  4. mk76 bomb plaque

    mk76 practice bomb plaque I made for an Ordnance Marine leaving an AV-8 Harrier squadron. 25mm bullets on the end. Actual casings; turned the bullets on the lathe.
  5. practice bomb plaque

    practice bomb plaque with ordnance wings and 25mm rounds.
  6. Ammo box for 200 friends

    It's a pretty simple Oak box but I wanted something to carry other than throwing boxes in a Dewalt tool bag. I sanded a little too much on the front left corner and is shown in the pictures. It did give me a chance to try a new clamping technique when laminating the top boards together. I...
1-6 of 6 Results