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  1. Dodecahedron light fixture w/ Edison bulb

    My wife was looking at pinterest and said "Wayne! You have to make this for me!" I looked at it and said "I don't know what makes you think I can make that… there are 30 identical pieces to this, each with 6 angles cut on them and they have to be almost perfect or the errors just multiple as you...
  2. Antique bulb accent lamp

    Lighting is always a fun subject and the prevalence of these "antique" bulbs has made it even more fun. This is a square lamp made of Makore with a 5" spherical bulb. It is on a dimmer so you can set it super low to just see the filament lighting up.
  3. Mahogany Table Lamp

    Made from Mahogany and stained Very dark to give it an old look then finished with tung oil. It has brass tacks holding in the paper insert. This is one of my more favorite projects. I like doing things that are used for a purpose other than to just sit there. It gives you light! It's from an...
1-3 of 3 Results