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  1. Wooden Trivet

    I made these because my girlfriends parents always put the hot pans directly from the stove onto the table and they needed some trivets. They are made of Walnut and Cedar and I just put olive oil on them as a finish. I've yet to see them in action, but I expect some good food in return… they...
  2. Wood & Lumber
    Hi everyone, Our company is looking to find somewhere in the continental US that is supplying lumber at better than market prices. I know some other companies would find this information of value as well since in most places were experiencing shortages as well as an immense inflation of prices...
  3. Focus on the Workspace
    We will be re-locating to a small town near Dublin, Georgia in the near future. It's literally a "cross-roads" town (Kite, GA) in a rural farming area. I need to get a workshop/garage/storage type building put up so we'll have a place to put all our "stuff" in. After we get moved and settled in...
1-3 of 3 Results