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  1. Hair Comb - Cherry and Rosewood

    After a few previous attempts (which can be seen in my earlier projects), I think I've settled on a design that I really like. I decided to forgo the buttons on the grip, in favor of a more sleek, minimalist approach. Higher resolution images can be seen here. In particular, I'm pretty proud...
  2. Crotchety Pecan Bowl

    Pecan, from a one of the crotches of the tree. 11.5"x2.75"
  3. Mulberry Bowl

    Here's a mulberry bowl with a little groove to it.
  4. Bradford Pear Bowl with Weird Rim

    Starting to experiment some with various embellishments. This time, the top rim.
  5. Cherry Bowl

    Been awhile since I've been at the lathe. Getting back into the swing of things just in time for true hot weather in the shop. 12.5"x5" Cherry
  6. Mulberry Bowl With Malachite Rim

    Mulberry bowl with a malachite rim inlay. About 10"x 3.5". Wanted to thin the rim some, but got worried it would get damaged too easily because the wood is so soft. But it looks kinda cool this way too.
  7. Curly Maple Box

    5.5"x9"x5" Maple. Sanded and buffed, then wax. Waiting for new flocking glue to arrive. Going with navy blue flocking I think.
  8. Three Fly Boxes

    Woods are Walnut Crotch over Bradford Pear, Spalted Pecan over Walnut, and Curly Maple over Walnut. Wipe on Poly then buffed with Carnuba. All fly boxes should have rounded edges and corners for easy access from fly vest. Got enough boxes. Time to make a landing net or two. Enjoy.
  9. Elm Natural Edge

    Elm Natural Edge. About 10" diameter.
  10. Natural Edge Hackberry Bowl

    A bowl of hackberry. Sanded, buffed, waxed.
  11. Thin Persimmon Bowl

    Venturing into thinner territory. Found a live larvae while turning this, filled the holes with malachite and continued. 10.25"x3.25" and 1/4 thick. Weighs 15 ounces.
  12. Bradford Pear Thingy with Bark Inclusion

    Bradford pear. 5" wide at widest point, 3" tall. Will darken considerably over the next few days.
  13. Walnut Bowl with Malachite Filled Knot

    9"x2.75" Knot fell out and broke all to pieces, I'd originally intended to only fill in around it. I think that would have looked better, but as mentioned…
  14. Shop made tools #6: Ruler Stop

    Just a simple ruler stop. Made from beech and a modified brass nut. The magnet inside holds the ruler tight and ad some friction during precise setting. The last pic is a little tip: I added 2 magnets to my ruler. So I can pick up it very easily. Thanks for watching! Bas
  15. My First Picture Frame

    Being new to woodworking, everything takes me a loooooong time. This frame was certainly no exception. I spent probably 40+hours on it, from designing it, to getting materials, to replanning, reworking, working, and finishing. I learned quite a few things along the way though, including what did...
  16. Bamboo Cutting Board

    I know I'm not a card carrying, bona fide member of the cutting board club; all of my many previous efforts given as gifts look very pedestrian compared to some of the marvels I have seen here on LJ. Yet to tell the truth, I usually prefer side or edge grain looks and subtle flourishes rather...
  17. Alan Peters inspired Oak Cabinet

    This cabinet is made from white oak. The shelf inside is Chinquapin and maple. The finish is Danish oil, shellac, and wax. It was designed as a wall cabinet but would be equally effective as a sideboard. The design is simple and straightforward, inspired by the work of Alan Peters. The main...
  18. Rocket

    A toy rocket made of Australian Tea Tree (body) and black walnut (cone, fuselage, fins). Finished with shellac and buffed. Hard to get a sense of scale from the photos, but it stands about 18" tall and is 2" wide (body). Thanks for looking! Merry Christmas!
1-20 of 40 Results