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  1. Spring Bud

    To celebrate the change of seasons - of Australian Red Cedar.
  2. Arched bud vase or candle holder

    Hi there, it's been a while since I posted anything. Truth be told, I've been very busy re-building my shop…after the flood. But that's a different story. This posting is to show some xmas gifts that I managed to finish just a couple days ago, the Danish oil is just about dry ;). The idea for...
  3. Bud Vase

    A bud vase made from iroko and walnut and a glass rod , the water container is a test tube. It's about 5" high.
  4. Ringed Bud Vase

    Happy Labor Day! After cleaning the gutters at my Pop's house… Leaf blowing my back patio (twice)… Watching some Tennis and Golf on TV… I finally made it out to my shop to play. I ended up with this Ringed Bud Vase. I call it "ringed" because it has a floating "ring" that is my 1st attempt at...
  5. Bud vase and Pocket watch

    From early beginnings. I made my first few dollars with these bud vased (featured in Wood Magazine in the late 1980's). The pocket watch was made as a christmas gift to my brother inlaw who was obessed with time. The vase is laminated hard maple with walnut and a rosewood cap. The pocket...
  6. Not as simple as it looked

    You know how you're always looking for that project that looks complicated but is actually quite simple to make? Well this isn't one of them. For Christmas I try to make a project that will look good and be appreciated but still something I can make a lot of between Thanksgiving and Christmas...
  7. Another Bud Vase

    As the title says this is just another bud vase, this one is made from oak. Let me know what you think, bad or good, comment bellow!
  8. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I was walking out of the grocery store tonight when the front page of the Baltimore Sun caught my eye. Black and Decker plans to merge with Stanley Works. Don't know if anyone else saw this already. Here's the online article...
  9. Blogs
    Minature Bud Vase Hey LJ just posting a recent video I did on making a tiny bud vase I make from Australian Red wood. The shape is not perfect but it looks nice because of its size. Enjoy!
1-9 of 9 Results