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  1. Some Basic Bud Vases

    When trying to think of a project to make, I usually have in mind what I want to make, just not exactly a good idea of the style I'm after. It is at this point I usually Google "bud vase images" for ideas. Case in point are these bud vases. I looked at a lot of pictures and this basic design...
  2. ElectroCuted Bud Vase

    Perhaps you've already seen what 12,000 volts of electricity does when passed through wood… You can find info on the web and YouTube. It has different names like 'Lightning wood', 'Thunder Wood', 'electrified wood', etc. I call mine "ElectroCute". This is my project with electricity as the...
  3. Misc wood turnings

    Two Cigar pens, the bud vase is made from Spalted Maple
  4. Bud Vases V2.0 (now with 100% more metal!)

    These vases are an "upgraded" version of my previous vases from a year or so ago. I decided to add some metal (brass) for eye candy inside the gaps. The wood is jatoba from unfinished flooring. Its far cheaper for me to buy it this way and I also get "perfect" boards with excellent grain and...
  5. 3 bud vase

    A three bud vase. Similar to plans in WOOD magazine July 2012 issue. The woods are curly maple and curupay. Finish is gloss lacquer.
  6. Bud Vase

    An experimental piece cut on the CNC and made from pine. The bud vase was colored with oil pigment sticks. The vase was designed in Rhino7. The puppy in the picture is our English Cream Golden Retriever
  7. Bud Vases

    Bud vases (both wet and dry) have been good sellers at craft shows. This year, I'm adding a little different take on them. This design was inspired by a demonstration given by Mark Sillay during a recent weekly WorldWideWoodturners Zoom meeting. These are about 5 inches tall and have glass...
  8. Bud Vases

    Miniature Bud Vases (~3" tall) in: Apple Wood Olive Wood Black Mesquite Cocobolo Fun little projects. Just have to be careful to get the diameter right for the test tube insert… or the vase will split from pressure, as I found out.
  9. Bud vase / vessel

    Another sapele vessel I made, the shape needs work :/
  10. Spirit Salmon Mini Bud Vase

    This vase is made from poplar and painted cherry red. It was cut on the scroll saw and is 7 1/2 inches tall x 4 inches wide x 2 inches deep. The overlay salmon design is a Haida spirit salmon, from the Queen Charlotte islands now known as Haida Gwai off the coast of British Columbia, Canada
  11. A Bud Vase

    Hardboard bottom, painted black lacquer. Spalted poplar base, walnut uprights and retainers. Ebony died walnut for the clips. Glass bud vases with river rock. Three coats of General Finishes High Performance poly. A fun little project with more to follow for sure. Thanks for looking.
  12. Valentines bud vase

    This was a pretty quick and easy valentine's day present once you discount all the gluing time. It's walnut and oak. It was my first time doing this sort of shaping on the bandsaw and what you don't see is the other side of the vase where I cut right into one of the walnut strips. I'll pay more...
  13. Heart Shaped Bud Vase

    Here are the hearts I cut out of the tea light candle holders. I had them sitting on my work bench for some time and didn't know what to do with them. I actually threw them into my camping scrap wood fire box but pilled them out after about 15 minutes. I found some 4" glass test tubes online...
  14. Hybrid Bud Vase/Weed Pot

    Howdy Lumberjocks! Just wanted to share this small bud vase/weed pot I made. Also, here's a video showing part of the process. I hope you enjoy.
  15. Site Help and Suggestions
    Ok color me confused. Yesterday I just posted a project on restoring a 100 year old woodworking plane, a Sargent 418VBM. I checked it this morning and had a number of positive comments and "how to" questions. Now I check and POOF! It's gone. QUESTION: Is this an anomaly? Any ideas what...
  16. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
1-16 of 16 Results