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  1. Buckeye Burl Pen

    This is a Jr. Gentleman's with Buckeye Burl and a finish of friction polish, shellac, and some beeswax to shine it up a bit. This was "Stabilized", which I guess means that it's infused with plastic or something… All I can say is it smells funny when turning, and you definitely want to wear a...
  2. Custom Bolt Action Pens

    These are a few of the bolt action pens I have turned recently. These are my biggest seller. I sold 9 to one client. Crazy. These are just so unique. They sell themselves.
  3. Pens

    Here are a couple of pens that I made over the weekend. The wood used for the pen and pencil set is Buckeye Burl and the other pen is made out of Purpleheart.
  4. Buckeye Burl

    PSI Ti Gold Polaris Click/Buckeye Burl/Ca Finish/Ren Wax. This is my second click I've done. This one is going to be my Suit Jacket Pen for Sundays. After all, it is personal, it's Buckeye, and since I'm moving to Delaware, I've got to keep my home State of Ohio nearby. Last woodworking...
  5. Pens!!

    Here are the last few pens I have made! Finally got some decent pictures taken! I would love to hear your thoughts!
  6. Wedding Gift for the Groom From his Fiance-Custom Buckeye Burl Fly Fishing Net

    This net was commissioned about this time last year almost a year in advance from the couple's wedding date. The bride-to-be contacted me and wanted to do the Dave Matthews Band fire dancer logo on the net. I happen to like Dave Matthews a lot myself and knew girl once who had this tattoo, so...
  7. Buckeye Burl Ring

    I made this ring for my my Father. Made from Buckeye Burl and an artisan comfort fit band. The inlay is made from my mothers cremated ashes.
  8. 'Stary Night' Buckeye Burl hollow form

    this is a piece of buckeye burl i had thought i would use for a box but i really liked the inclusion which would not have made a good line for a box. this hollow form is 4 inchs across by 3 1/2 inchs tall the walls are 1/4 inch thick to save the inclusion. sanded to 600 grit and finished with...
  9. Turkey Trumpets

    I have been working on a new call to add to my line and this is what I came up with. These are turkey trumpet calls which have been around for years but the way they are made is a guarded secret to say the least. I spent a lot of time researching how to do these then took more time figuring out...
  10. Lacewood and Buckeye Burl with inlay

    This Treasure Box was a lot of fun to build. I had never worked with either of these woods. They were opposites in texture and density. The Lacewood is very dense and can be brittle if you're not careful when you cut it. In contrast, the Buckeye Burl, is very soft and dusty. It also has a very...
  11. I don't call it work

    Pen # 1 The one with the decal is made of Knotty Alder. I cut out the knot to get the cool grain for this one. The decal is for a company. He really liked the look of the wood. I explained that is a softer wood and might need extra care to make sure it doesn't get dented or scratched. I did...
  12. Couple of new turkey calls

    I turned the first two stabilized pot call blanks I have ever done. I have to say these are a lot different than turning plain wood and you sure want to wear some type of breathing protection. They will dull a tool in about a minute but take a finish beautifully. So here we are a 3" buckeye...
  13. Bullet Pens anyone?

    They are from left to right: African Blackwood, Mule Deer Antler, Buckeye Burl, Mule Deer Antler, Desert Ironwood in a 300 Mag, the last is either Pal Dao or Australian Tea Tree crosscut. Wish I could add closeups but limits on pics prevent that. I also have one made of Olivewood, Honduran...
  14. screwdriver marking tool swap 2022

    ok here are my swap items that went to my recipient earl.ill try to remember what i did,cant be worse than losing the letter describing the details from my sender keebler. #1 is the four items i made an awl,6 in 1 screwdriver, a large combo shop pencil/pen and a key chain with screwdriver bits...
  15. "Deep Forest" a Buckeye Burl wood carving carved by Gary Burns the treewiz, handmade woodworking

    A Ooak Original Wood Carving I call "Deep Forest", a tree scene that I carved out of a piece of Buckeye Burl. This is a very hard wood to design a tree scene in. I have only carved a few Buckeye Tree Scenes compared to the Maple Burl pieces that I have done. Buckeye has really interesting...
  16. Buckeye Burl Carved Heart by Gary "Wiz" Burns the treewiz

    I love this wood! There is some cracking, there are blemishes, there is natural edge, and a whole lot of imagination to make this a Heart. Even though it has a lot of bark in places, it is a pretty solid piece. I love the upper right lobe. It's not for those who want a perfect Heart. But what is...
  17. Various Pens

    Its been a while since I posted anything, so I thought I would share some recent pens. The Christmas season kept me busy making Bethlehem Olive Wood Euro styles with a Christian motif. Sold about 20 of them and forgot to take pictures! Anyway, here are some recent ones. 1) A matched...
  18. Buckeye burl money clip

    The medallion is dyed and stabilized buckeye burl. CA finish
  19. 3" Turkey Calls

    I turned these for a show on the 4th of July that got rained out. At least I will have them for the next show.
  20. Bible Stand

    Bible book stand for a friend. The purpose of this project was to make a display stand for an old family bible so it would not be shelved on a bookcase. The woods used are curly maple and walnut. A satin-gloss lacquer finish was applied topped with paste wax.
1-20 of 51 Results