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  1. Canadian Coin Paperweight

    This is an oak paperweight I made a while back. I just liked the coin with an elk or buck deer on it, so I counter sunk it into a nice piece of oak I had laying about just waiting to be made into something.
  2. European Buck Mount

    I made a simple plaque to display a European buck mount. It is made from some spare oak that my dad cut down and used for trim inside my house about 18 years ago. Basically just made a panel cut out the design on the bandsaw, shaped with spindle sander, and used a 45º router on the edge. Feel...
  3. Whitetail Buck Carving

    This is a wood carving of a Whitetail deer. This buck is hand carved from a single piece of wood. It is a perfect wood gift for any hunter, and fits perfectly in a log home or man cave. This wall sculpture was handmade by me, Josh Carte, here in Ohio. This wood carving hangs on the wall. I...
  4. Meat Stomper

    Needed the correct diameter meat stomper for my grinder. Instead of buying plastic one, made this one that fits perfectly out of cherry with an olive oil finish. Got it done just in time for deer season and it worked amazingly.
  5. Broadhead Euro Mount

    GET ONE AT: Inspired by the shape of G5 Montec broadheads. Made from 6 separate pieces of oak all glued with simple butt joints. Used a 45 degree router on both the front and back side...
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I am looking for a couple of books. Making Wooden Mechanical Models by Allan Bridgewater and Making More Wooden Mechanical Models again by Allan Bridgewater. Both appear to be out of print. If anyone has a copy or knows were one an get one, in print or electronically (PDF) please let me now. Thanks
  7. Blogs
    What was your first experience with handplanes? Mine was about 7 years ago, I still wasn't doing anything woodworking like, and we had moved to a new apartment where the bathroom door wouldn't close since it was too tall and would hit the jamb (well- actually we mounted one of those...
  8. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    My wife bought me a Buck 110 folding hunter knife 30 years ago on my 19th birthday. I've used, and sometimes abused, this knife frequently for all those years . For many years I carried it on my hip and used it for everything you can think of that you might use a knife on…and some you probably...
1-8 of 8 Results