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  1. Handles for broom and dust pan, in mahogany and red tip photinia

    The plastic handles broke on these, so I just grabbed some wood off the shelf and replaced them.
  2. Pure Functionality - Shop Dust Pan and Broom Holder

    She's not pretty but she works really well. I made it from 3/4" pine shelving and an old faded sign I got at my work. I am going to have to buy a new broom. My old one has sat in the corner so long it looks like the wicked witch of the west rode in on it.
  3. Curling Delivery Aid

    In the sport of curling, granite rocks are slid down the ice with the help of either a broom or delivery aid to maintain one's balance. Many years ago, corn brooms were used exclusively for this purpose. Being both a curler and a wood turner, I have combined the old with the new. This is a corn...
  4. Wood & Lumber
    I have a small garage shop and am wondering if it's possible to mill perfectly square wood with just a benchtop planer (like a Dewalt DW735X) and my router table for edge jointing? For my router, I have a fence that will accurately offset for good, glue-ready edge joining. I ask this because...
1-4 of 4 Results