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  1. Koa Bowl & Plaque

    Last summer I got a hit on my blog from a woman in Hawai'i. She was looking for a memento for a nurse that worked 40 years for the department of health. After haggling over price, and about 4 hours of work, this was the end result.
  2. Blogs
    At last, a resawing jig! I got 2 1" Timberwolf blades from Suffolk Machinery Corp. - 2TPI and 3TI - several months ago, and have been dying to try them out ever since. In that time I had several more projects, mom's 10-day long yearly visit, my best friends' wedding, a project I built for that...
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi Everyone, I'm going through the slow process of teaching myself woodworking and I made a newbie mistake. I purchased on Oshlun 6" dado blade set from Amazon, and thought that my standard throat plate was wide enough to use on 1/4 inch dado cuts. It was close…. but too small. The when I...
1-4 of 4 Results