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  1. Coffee table for a beach House

    This coffee table was made from reclaimed cedar 2×6s and 4×4s that had been previously used on a large deck for railings and door frames. I jointed and planed off the old paint, resawed some of the boards for 5/8 thick slats for the bottom deck. The apron and stretchers are attached using loose...
  2. Farmhouse coffee table made with free 2x6's

    So there is this supply company near my house. Not sure what they do but they must receive in all kinds of shipments because it is a pallet gold mine. They are always putting their pallets near the curb for anyone to take. Well they are always putting these 2×6's near the curb as well. They must...
  3. Blogs
    need a place to store my handtools (photo stolen from below mentioned blog, for inspiration) Since i seen C Shwarz blog about his Dutch Tool Chest i have been planning to make one. I like the Anarchist Tool Chest as well but the idea of having to bend over to get my tools out did not appeal...
1-3 of 3 Results