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  1. A Country style Table With Bread Boards Ends

    My lumberjock brother and I made this table for a friend. They wanted a big dining room table size 44in by 107in. The table was to large to transport by my van so we delivered it by rolling table. Was very near my shop. The table is made of 2×12 no2 pine with store bought legs. We ripped to...
  2. Blanket Chest for Lily

    Last month I decided to get going on my daughters blanket chest. After bringing her home, I was amazed at how many actual blankets we received as gifts for her and some very nice ones at that. That being said, might as well make a chest to store them! The design is pretty straight forward - I...
  3. Cherry Slant Front Desk

    Here is my latest COMPLETE project. I'm so glad to get this done. This project has been in my shop for a solid year and I've been working on it on and off the whole time. I'd say if I worked on it from start to finish in a straight run, it would have been about 60 hours, but I just don't have...
  4. Cutting Board

    I made this board last Christmas for my daughter-in-law and neglected to post it. It is purpleheart and maple. The ends are breadboard pegged with purpleheart dowels I turned on the lathe. The last pic is the magazine where I found the design. It can be made in three sizes, and once you make the...
  5. Walnut and Pine Box

    This is my first little half blind dovetail box with a sliding lid. It's made of walnut and white pine, and done completely with hand tools. No power. As you can see I have a long way to go in my woodworking skill, but this was fun.
  6. Christmas 2016 Gifts

    Christmas has come and gone yet again. This year I made a number of bread boards to give as presents. All in all I made six this year and they were very well received. The one shown above was definitely the best of the bunch, not only because of the handle I added. Apart from the savings...
  7. Joinery
    I am wanting to build this bar top out of cherry. it will be 3/4" thick with a 1" x 3" skirt around it. I was hoping to make it a 1" or thicker top, but the lumber I have is just not going to give me that. Anyway, I am looking for any advice you might be able to share on building this in the...
  8. Joinery
    i saw at some point that someone used a dowel pin(s) to attach the end on. used 3 dowel pins and only the center one was glued in place. any one have any info on doing this??? thank you, paul
1-8 of 8 Results