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  1. Spiderman wall hanging

    Here is a Spiderman wall hanging I made for my grandson Kaiden. The blue backer is plywood, the red wire is brazed together & the spider is hard maple. Diameter is about 20 inch. Thanks for looking
  2. Sewing Stiletto - Awl

    In our family we have a tradition, you draw a person's name and you have to make them a gift. Alas, the procrastination gene is strong in my family so typically these gifts are assembled in the days just before Christmas and have been the source of late night project frenzies Christmas Eve. I...
  3. Blue pearl trivet

    Okay, here's a wild one. Crawling along the bottom of the ocean looking for food, (or a female), I wanted this to resemble a star fish, something nautical like carved dolphins, seahorses, flowing sea grass sculptures would look great on this. I didn't have any of these to set it off so I used a...
  4. Blogs
    Band Saw Woes Triumphs and Tribulations Ten or twelve years ago, living in a tiny basement apartment with my then infant son, I bought my first power tool. The cheapest band saw they had down at the home improvement store. A "Tool Shop" bench top model. At $85 it was a major purchase for me...
  5. Woodworking Skill Share
    So, as you may have read, I am the proud new owner of a Taiwan knock-off of a 1980s Delta 14" bandsaw (it was free). After some refurbishment and a discussion about tapping screw wholes, I came to the point at which to put a new blade on the sucker and start her up. Well, shucks. The blade is...
1-5 of 5 Results