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  1. Cutting Boards I FINALLY Finished, plus a new Peppermill

    I started these two boards over a year ago but didn't have or have access to a drum sander so they just sat. I finally took them to my son-in-laws dads shop and we used his. Itook the wife with me so the seed is planted to get one. I LOVE that tool. The first is a mixture of end cut...
  2. More Bowls on the new lathe!

    A total of four bowls, two made out of brazillian oak, and two out of cherry. Both woods were from a wood gloat, for $20 i got a bit of soft maple, a bunch of cherry, a whole bunch of brazillian oak (which smells absolutely amazing, better than cedar imo) some white oak, a little cypress, and a...
1-2 of 2 Results