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  1. 9" Dovetail Saw for the 2014 LumberJock Saw Swap

    This was my entry for the 2014 LumberJock Saw Swap (ErikF had inspired me to build a saw even before the saw swap began. You should check out his blog tutorial on the tools for making your own saw from scratch.) I quickly discovered that building a handsaw almost entirely from scratch was...
  2. my first handsaw

    Hey everyone, I've been pretty busy lately, but I got a little time in the shop and was able to build this saw. It has a brass back that I slotted on my schools horizontal mill, and a .020 1095(I think) springsteel plate. I made he nuts by hand using 9/16 brass bar stock. I got all of my...
  3. Roubo Workbench

    I started a blog about this build but discovered I enjoy the woodworking process more than the blogging process. Here's the rundown. I followed Chris Schwarz's plans… of course. Dimensions: 34" tall, 22.5" wide, 76" long Top: construction 2×4's and some reclaimed redwood 2×6's from a deck that...
  4. Wood & Lumber
    Was rummaging at my local saw mill and came across this piece. He said he got in trade for some mesquite. He was told it was maple burl. Being that we don't have many maple trees down here in south Texas. Can anyone help confirm this? many thanks Alonzo
  5. Marketplace Classifieds
    I'm selling my Gramercy Tools 9" Dovetail Saw. It's a great saw. I've had it for about a month and half now but I really cannot afford it thought. Selling for around $25 bucks less than I paid for it from Tools For Working Wood. In new condition. $145.00 Shipped (They go for $159.00 + $10.67...
1-5 of 5 Results