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  1. Pre Dust Collector Dust Collector

    My Brain said that I needed this. Actually it will help a lot with carting sawdust up the stairs. Emptying that plastic bag was always really messy, and I would allow it to get way too full. Now I parked a 20 gal trash can in the empty space of my Delta DC, and its job is to gather most all...
  2. More Lunatic Maze Puzzles

    I had a bit of time today so I made a few mazes in Cedar, Flame Box Elder, Black Ash Burl, and Figured Cocobolo. The mazes show better in pictures before the go into their acrylic cases. The last maze puzzle is pictured to show how the case will look over the finished product.
  3. Honeysuckle Burl

    Found this in my yard and decided to carve it out into a dish type thing. It resembles a brain a bit.. Finished with tung oil.
  4. Wood Whisperer Cutting Boards

    I stumbled across the wood whisperer podcast on cutting boards while researching for some Christmas wood project to make this year. I loved the boards and loved what seemed to be a "simple" process (ha!) I'm pretty new at woodworking, having just made some tables and shelves for simple pine...
  5. My New Lunatic Maze Puzzle Shapes!

    I have been asked to expand the shape I offer in my mazes so here are my first examples. Ice Cream Sandwich (Walnut and Maple Burl), Stretched (Maple Burl), and Hidden Pocket (Walnut and Red Mallee Burl).
  6. Another V-Drum Sander

    I hate my brain sometimes. A couple of months ago I started building a Lingerie Chest. I bought some cherry and planed it down. It was cheap cherry from the 'shorts' pile. It was too wide for my jointer so I had to play with jointing wide boards. It did not have the best grain. (i.e. SWMBO...
  7. Blogs
    First Look Here goes my brain again, off on some tangent. I have been thinking of building this box for a long time. I want to try to use veneer for some box building, but need some tricks to hide the veneered edge. So I chose a gable topped box with walnut corner treatment to hide the...
  8. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    It's often said that when you become proficient with a tool you become 'one' with it; that it becomes an extension of your self. Well turns out your brain agrees with you..
  9. Woodworking Skill Share
    I will soon have a need to face joint 8"-10" wide boards 3'-4' lin length. I am new to woodworking so my tools for this task are limited to a table saw and a benchtop planer. I have completed much research on planer sleds for face jointing. Everyone references the FWW sled but that looks like...
1-9 of 9 Results