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  1. Penny Flip Puzzle

    This is my spin on the Wooden Nickel Brain Teaser Puzzle produced by Creative Crafthouse. The design is simple - make slots for nine pennies in a row. I made the design more complicated by adding hardwood inlay on the sides and adding a built in compartment for the pennies when the game is being...
  2. Newton’s Gravity Defying Puzzle

    This puzzle was dropped off on my desk last week. The "rocket" is placed in the cup. You must remove it without dumping it out or using tools (paper clips, tape, etc.). The problem is that there is no place to grab the rocket. How do you get it out? See video at the end if you can't figure it...
  3. Simple Rope Puzzle

    This puzzle is similar to the other puzzles I posted over the last year. The goal is to remove the rope/ball from the piece of wood. With very little parts, it was really easy to make - less than 15 minutes. Go to the video for the solution if you cannot mentally figure it out from the pictures...
  4. Disentanglement Puzzle

    This is my take on a classic rope and ring disentanglement puzzle. The goal is to separate the ring (the light colored one) from the puzzle strings. As with most disentanglement puzzles, the solution isn't intuitive. Can you figure it out from the pictures? If not, refer to the video for the...
  5. Burr Puzzle Build

    A burr puzzle, also known as an interlocking puzzle, consists of notched pieces of wood, plastic or metal that when put together creates a three-dimensional shape. This wood version is pretty simple and therefore relatively easy to make. It consists of 12 pieces of which 11 of are identical. The...
  6. T & Z Puzzle

    This is an expansion of the T Puzzle I submitted last month. For that version, only one side of the puzzle was challenging. This version uses both sides of the base and includes covers to make a complete box. The goal is to fit the four Ts and four Zs into the box and be able to close the...
  7. Plus One Puzzle

    This is one of my favorite puzzles so far. You are given 8 blocks that must be placed in a box. They will fit and the box will be "totally filled." Once you are done, slide the lid on the top to complete the puzzle. Your test subjects might feel pretty smart by knowing that they solved this...
  8. Oliver String Puzzle

    This is my take on the classic Oliver String Puzzle. It was built from scrap wood, a ring from a previous project, purchased wood beads and rope. Build Instructions: The goal is to remove the ring from the puzzle. My kids and wife found...

    This puzzle will test your spatial ability and might challenge the way you think. You are given six pieces and asked to spell the letter "H". This task is pretty easy and should take less than 1 minute to figure out. Next, you hand your test subjects an additional piece with the same goal of...
  10. Wooden Lock

    This simple wooden lock puzzle will challenge your mind. You are given three wooden blocks. The goal is to assemble them in the cross pattern shown. The last picture shows the solution sequence. Full Build Instructions/Dimensions: Solution Video:
  11. Maple, Cherry and Walnut Brain Teaser Puzzle

    This is my version of Steve's (Woodworking For Mere Mortal's) Wooden Puzzle Project. It is made of Walnut, Maple and Cherry, Finished with Boiled Linseed Oil and Paste wax on the interlocking parts to allow friction free assembly…..
  12. Nail Puzzle Box

    This was a fun little project to make. The goal is to open the box. Build Instructions: How It Works:
  13. Wood Snake Puzzle

    This is my take on the classic wooden snake puzzle. Purchased ones generally range in size from 2" cubed down to key chain size. This one is 4.5" cubed. Although time-consuming and somewhat mind numbing, it wasn't very challenging to build. However, you will need to pay attention to the build...
  14. Chocolate Box Puzzle

    This is a fun and easy project to make. The goal is to fit the blocks of "chocolate" into the box. Dimensions and Build Instructions: Solution:

    The goal of the puzzle is to fit the four T shaped blocks into the box, with the pieces flat. The box itself has two sides so there are two versions to fit the pieces. The first side has a larger area so it is pretty easy to fit all the pieces into the space. This side of the box has multiple...
  16. 3 Piece Burr Puzzle

    Burr puzzle I made from scrap wood. It turned out to slightly more challenging than I thought. In the end, the wife decided to turn it into a Christmas ornament :). Build Instructions and Drawings: Solution: Also made a 3D Print version:
  17. Caged Golf Ball Puzzle

    This was a fun little project to make. The golf ball is trapped inside the 12 piece burr puzzle. As with all burr puzzles, there is a trick to solving it. Build Instructions/Dimensions: Video of Build: Solution:
  18. Gopher Hole Puzzle

    This is a fun little puzzle that goes by the name of Golf, Nine Hole and, my favorite, Gopher Hole Puzzle. The goal is to fit all six pieces into the box. The possible combinations make it pretty challenging. See here for build instructions:
  19. Elastic Cord Cube Puzzle

    This is a fun puzzle that is pretty easy to make. The goal is to arrange the blocks into a 2×2 x 3 structure. Online, you will see similar versions with various names such as Elastic Cube Wooden Puzzle, Icon Mental Block and Elasti Cube Puzzle. Build Instructions...
  20. Three Cube Puzzle

    The goal of this puzzle is to make three cubes from the given pieces. Although this puzzle only has three pieces, the solution is pretty challenging - mainly due to magnet polarity. Super easy to build. See Build Instructions here: Solution:
1-20 of 27 Results