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  1. More Braided Cutting Boards

    I posted my first successful attempt at making this type of board a while back ( I never posted any of the follow-ups though. Here are three. The're made from hard maple, African padauk and purple heart.
  2. Rosewood Ring with Braided Maple Inlay

    This was not a commissioned ring, but one I decided to try for fun. The base of the ring is rosewood, with a channel cut out in the center for the inlay. Each of the three maple strands were carefully cut to around .5mm and soaked in water before braiding. I learned a couple things in doing...
  3. Tea Box

    Here is a tea box I finished up over the weekend. It's made from African mahogany, with walnut splines, and walnut interior dividers. The braid carvings on all 4 lateral faces are carved, initially, with the Shaper Origin to establish overall shape, and then finished by hand, to get a...
  4. Jatoba Media Cabinet

    I built this Jatoba media cabinet over the course of the last couple of months. I turned the legs and matched them manually (using calipers and a template I made). The doors are hand-carved. The drawer fronts are inlaid with blue paua shell veneer. The whole thing is finished with oil and wax.
  5. braid

    braided lathes for rail
  6. A braided cutting board

    This is another cutting board I made recently. This one is made with African padauk and hard maple. It's my first successful attempt at doing these curved laminations in a board like this. I did one prior to this that turned out rather poorly, so I kept it to myself. I tweaked my setup...
  7. Lucet... Not a Viking slingshot.

    These are lucets, tools for making cord that date to the Vikings. Last year my wife got a lesson on making cord at the CLA show (Contemporary Longrifle Association). While heading to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan we stopped at the fiber festival in Allegan MI. Cathy saw these things for...
  8. Chisel Plane

    My version of a chisel plane, inspired by GarageWoodworks. I wanted a rabbet plane of some sort to clean up after my new fillister plane and while I'll probably eventually buy one, I remembered the chisel plane project sitting in my favorites and decided to have a go at it. It's made of 3/4"...
1-8 of 8 Results