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  1. Bracelets

    Happy New Year. I have landed in the desert south of Tucson and have set up shop. First turnings here. Working on a small lathe and will be doing small projects. The bracelet on the left is Ironwood, and the other is mesquite with epoxy filling. Both are size 9 as I have a customer who...
  2. Bangle Bracelets

    I made this for my wife
  3. Maple, black walnut and madrone burl bracelets

    Here is a recent project that I have done. been making these burl wood bracelets I use a band saw to cut them out. I use a orbital sander to sand interior of wood and drum sander to do outer edge. Next i use high speed pollishing wheel to finish the job. make them out of maple, madrone, and...
  4. Pair of figured gum bracelets

    Pair of figured gum bracelets.
  5. two drilled bracelets

    One oak, one walnut. were made using holesaws!!!!!. just drilled the inner followed by the outer (you need to do this on a drill press). finished with tung oil. i know that there are weak points where it is endgrain. I will try to make one with 3 layers 90 degreed to each other and maybe...
  6. Purple Heart and Maple Bracelets

    One for you and your pet. (or bracelet and napkin ring… or start a new trend, give your guests a napkin, and a towel ring ;) Bookmatched purpleheart, with a maple center band. As with the rings and other bracelets, the center band is glued (waterproof polyurethane glue) with the grain running...
  7. Blogs
    Process: Sustainable Wooden Jewelry by PrasseinDesignStudio This is a video produced by my multi-talented Etsian colleague Eric Beug. In addition to producing, shooting and editing the video he also composed the score. Check it out! Process is a new Etsy video series that features the intimate...
  8. Blogs
    Make a bracelet. And ask what you wish for. Yeah, they're bracelets. Using wood from my apple tree again. But more importantly, what do you wish you were?
  9. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    In about a month from today, on Saturday, May 16, 2009 our friend and fellow LumberJock Rick Kruse aka Rustic will be hosting a LumberJock Event. As of this writing only a few have committed to attend. The question is, WHERE IS EVERYBODY???? When Rick first annouced his plans there were a lot...
  10. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    i just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe independance day ! as will smith showed us , we are all in this together . any special plans ? for me some free time in the shop , maybe some thing different , without the pressure and expectations ! how about you ?
1-10 of 10 Results