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  1. Parent's bed

    I made it for my parents after 40 years using old bed. It's made of 25 mm beech board, drawers are made of chipboard and they are on small wheels. Flexibile floring is from household store. Finish is waterbased varnish, three layers. Overal dimensions 195×165 cm.
  2. Hand Tools
    Ladies and Gents - anyone out there have drawings, sketches, dimensions for a Jennings 13(?) Bit box? I have 19 bits that need a home and I've been thinking about building one but I haven't found any dimensions. And it doesn't necessarily have to be a Jennings box. Maybe an Irwin Swing out? Or...
  3. Hand Tools
    My Holtzappfel bunch is nearing the end (thank goodness). I am mounting the Twin Screw Veritas vise. Because of the thickness of my top (3 3/4"), the vise chop ended up very tall - almost 8 1/2". It is made out of very hard maple. All has gone well until I tried to drill the dog holes. In...
1-3 of 3 Results