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  1. Miniature Rose in Boxwood

    As you will see from the pound coin next to it this one is a bit of a miniature. In total it's only about 4inches (100mm) tall. Done in Box so that I could get detail and finish without needing to use abrasives.
  2. iPod nano cover

    When I got the wife an iPod nano for Christmas I was disappointed with the choice of protective covers available,horrible rubber or bulky,unstylish stitched P.V.C. so I decided to make one myself. Woods used are Boxwood & Bocote. The screen is protected with a small piece of acetate cut from the...
  3. Madness

    Material: Boxwood and Walnut wood Measurements: 4,33"/5.51"or 11cm/14cm.
  4. Turning Useful Projects from Leftovers

    I had some nice chunks of wood leftover from my clock & pepper grinder projects. And you know how woodworkers hate to get rid of what looks like usable scrap. (When the pieces get too small to make a drawer knob it might be suitable for using to smoke ribs & as a last resort it goes into the...
  5. Bracelet for my amazing wife.

    Here's a bracelet I made for my magnificent wife's 40th birthday. It's made of Turquoise Trustone,African Blackwood,Bocote,Boxwood & sterling silver. Approximately 15 hours work.
  6. Deco Cabinet

    It's been a while since I posted a project and realized I haven't shared our latest furniture. Couple months ago, we were contacted by a designer in LA to create a deco cabinet inspired by an elevator door in LA. At first we worked on a trompe-l'oeil concept Then with the deigner, we...
  7. Refurbished Knife

    It was the broken IKEA kitchen knife which we are accustomed to and don't want to throw away.
  8. Flip-top box

    Sorry about taking down the other pics that were up. I've been asked to wait to post those. But here's something else….. Just a few boxes I threw together with scrap woods. I used white oak, maple, and boxwood. 2 boxes are 1×2 and 1 is 2×2 Thanks for looking.
  9. Treasure Box series #1

    End of 2011 Patrick Edwards and myself found a box sold at Christie's for €15,000. We really liked the layout of the marquetry even if in detail the marquetry was average. We decided almost immediately to start on in as a spec job. We kept the overall layout but focused on drawing it at the...
  10. Dwarf with a pipe

    Material:Boxwood and Walnut wood Measurements:15/12cm or 6"/5"
  11. "God Paunch"

    Material:Boxwood and cherry wood Measurements:15/12.5cm or 6"/4.9"
  12. Dream

    Material: Boxwood and Walnut wood Measurements:11.8"/10.24" (30cm/26cm)
  13. Heart Pendant in Boxwood

    This little piece is in Box with a lovely dark streak running down to the tip.
  14. Whittled balls in a box and chain

    Whittling project that took two summers. Our family spends 2 weeks each August off the grid in northern Maine. Spare time is spent playing cards and reading. I get bored reading for too long so I whittle. This is carved from boxwood using a Flexcut Carving Jack.
  15. Ballerina Tops

    Ballerina Tops from Cherry, Pau Amarillo and Boxwood. The Pau Amarillo top has Padauk arms and the Cherry top with the chatterwork top has Holly arms, as does the Boxwood top. Fun projects, and my 6 year old daughter loves them.
  16. Grinders

    An assortment of Grinders. 1- Burmese Rosewood with Bronze and Aluminum inlay 2- Boxwood Queen Chess Piece Salt grinder 3- Mini Satinwood and Cocobolo Salt and Pepper set
  17. Miniature Turned Goblets

    I find myself turning miniature goblets or small boxes (sometimes tiny) when I have a small piece of nice wood that would otherwise be scrap. The wood for these is as follows (left to right): 1- Bois de Rose 2- Tulipwood 3- Thin Win 4- Blackwood 5- Genuine Lignum Vitae 6- Pink Ivory 7- Sabah...
1-20 of 93 Results