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  1. Projects In Progress
    I started Part 1 about a month ago. In it, I started with: "My progress is always slow, but it is progress nonetheless". I should also add that it is quite erratic. In that post, I resawed the stock for the sides of my boxes and laminated the stock for the tops. I also got side-tracked resawing...
  2. Projects Custom pistol case

    Custom pistol case for pocket pistol, used Ambrosia and Ebony.
  3. Projects Lathe Buffing Wheel Storage

    In the ongoing process of cleaning up the top of my workbench, I needed to turn a couple handles on my lathe. And when I went to do so, I discovered that the buffing wheels I had bought a month or two back were still on the lathe, with no safe place to store them. So! Time to build another box...
  4. Projects Paul Sellers Keepsake Box, with curved sides

    Fancy feet... Panels are designed to appear to float, top and bottom of the box.. All 4 sides have this curve...Lid was sawn free, after the glue up. Carved Thumbnail Lift, A length of Chain to hold the lid open...A removable divider.
  5. Projects Geisha 2

    Take two. To finish off Geisha .............................. The shaped base tray is made from jarrah with an ebony edge to help locate the stacking trays. Geisha is presented in a protective Tomobako - wooden case, made from cedar, tied...
  6. Projects Computer Speaker

    Had some old computer speakers that looked ugly and had sticky buttons from being stored in the garage. Built this box out of scraps I had hanging around. The core of the box is an old oak door jam. Since its a door jam, it's really some soft wood veneered with oak. I started to wished I had...
  7. Projects In Progress
    At any given moment, I have several projects on the go. This post will enlighten you folks about the trials and tribulations that I have because of my Traumatic Brain Injury, and show you how I work through or around them. My progress is always slow, but it is progress nonetheless. This project...
  8. Porsche Lovers Box.

    Using a Wheel cap as an inset ornament in the top the box is obviously for a Porsche Lover. The wood is Jatoba. Splines, top decoration and top handle are redheart, yellowheart, and ebony. Those are the colors of the German flag. Box is 11 inches x 6 1/2 inches x 4 inches tall. Top...
  9. Unique Keepsake Box from a Beginner Lumberjock

    Hi everyone, I finally finished my girlfriend's Hope Chest that I have been working on for the last several weeks. I knew I wanted to make a keepsake box for her for her birthday, so while I was in 'woodworking mode' I decided to go ahead and make a keepsake box for her. I used the leftover...
  10. Bonfire

    This is what I hope to be the first in a long line of my new projects. This is what I would call my first "artsy" piece (as in I designed it more for looks than function). The title derives (for obvious reasons) from the "flame" maple and the red of the padauk. I decided to overstate the...
  11. No, it is not a coffin!

    I just finished this cherry blanket chest / dressing bench for delivery tomorrow. The dimensions are: 60" long by 24" x 24" I used birch plywood for the bottow and a light cherry oil finish just to kind of even out the color inconsistancies. I finished it with semi-gloss poly. Now, if I can...
  12. Teamwork Boxes

    So here is the concept. Team up with other artisans to make something together that you couldn't make working as individuals. In this case we made boxes by combining our talents. Nancy does fantastic artwork and I do woodwork. She painted a top on gesso board and I built a box around that...
  13. Toy Boxes

    My 2 kids wanted toy boxes for their rooms, Mom hopes they put the toys in the boxes. So this was my Christmas project, 2 toy boxes 31"L x 18"W x 20"H, made of walnut and maple. They are basic frame and panel design with pocket hole screws. Made for 4/4 material, the panels are raised on the...
  14. Keepsake Boxes

    Made these keepsake boxes as Christmas presents. Maple/walnut, walnut/cherry, and cherry/maple. The Cherry box and the maple box have a curve cut in the lid and the walnut box lid is cut straight. Approx 15"L X 6.5"W X 4.5"T
  15. Cape cod jewelry box

    Just finished the first of my four part jewelry box series called Boston The Cape and Island jewelry box. This one below is of Cape Cod with walnut drawer handles and made from solid cherry lined with blue velvet drawer interior
  16. Box saved from the fire

    Box made from firewood actually 8^) Russian olive with a juniper panel for the lid. Inside dimensions are 6" x 8" with 1/2" stock and base/lid overhang. The splines are walnut, interior has a felt lined bottom. Firewood around here typically is riparian invasive species (Russian olive...
  17. Useless Machines

    I gave these away as Christmas presents. They are useless machines whose only function is to turn itself off. The basic design was from Make Magazine and I made the boxes from a mahogany board.
  18. Boxguy Goes Sappy

    Thanks for looking at this posting. Thanks especially to those of you who take time to comment, ask questions, or just say hello. I will respond to those who do, so check back for feedback. This is a short video Ken and I made. It is all about making and installing corner splines. Check it...
  19. Purpleheart Music Box

    This is a purple heart and maple jewelry box that I made for my daughter. It plays "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" when you open the LH drawer. I cut the "bears ears" dovetails on my Leigh D4R jig. I bought the music movement from Music Box Attic.
  20. Hot Wheels Case

    My uncle made this "A" shaped Hot Wheels case for my cousin's kid and asked me to paint it for him. My uncle used to do some really amazing wild-life carving's but arthritis has sadly ended his carving career. When I got the case it was solidly built but in need of some finishing work. I made...
1-20 of 500 Results