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  1. The Memory Box for my Son

    My son had asked me to make him a box so he could have something to empty his pockets into at night. I also thought It would make a nice birthday gift for him. I never have any Ideas of what I'm going to make, I just make it up as I go along. I titled this The Memory Box, as while making it, I...
  2. Box for wedding with wooden hinges

    Hi folks, This is a box I made as a wedding gift for a good friend. It is made of Goncalo Alves for the sides, with a 4 corner match and finger joints. There is also a strip of Mahogany. The lid insert is made of figured black Walnut as well as the wooden hinges and finger pull. The finish is...
  3. chess board

    This is my first chess board and i am fairly pleased with the results. I have not figured out what to do about the chess pieces (quality pieces are more expensive than i originally thought). originally the inside was going to consist of compartments for each piece and during the building...
  4. more dominoes

    I tackled this project for several reasons. First, i enjoyed the project the first time. secondly, As i am new to woodworking, i wanted to play with some different wood species that i had not previously used, and thirdly, i thought they would make nice gifts. I made two sets from mahogany...
  5. Shaker-style cherry lapdesk

    This solid cherry desk fits comfortably on a lap and features an ample work surface, making drawing, writing, etc. more pleasurable to do from the convenience of, say, sitting on the couch. Inside there are small drawers and a coved pencil tray to help keep everything organized.
  6. Heirloom Gun box

    My first professional looking project for myself. I constructed the box of walnut and cherry with box joints. The lid is a cherry fame holding a glass top. The interior was custom cut for the hand gun and then coated with the Suede Tex.
  7. Sliding lid box - first ever box joints

    This was thrown together on a whim while testing out a newly acquired cheap-o dado set. One joint didn't close up all the way but I chose to leave it instead of filling. The sides are maple flooring scraps and the top is an edge glued pallet slat of ash.
  8. Box joint jigs for the router table -part one

    Readmore about this build at my Blog:
  9. Tool Tote

    I was tired of moving tools one handful at a time and risking dropping them so i built a tool tote. The entire body is mahogany with a ply board bottom. The box joints are reinforced with square pegs which are about 2" long and the remaining joints are mainly mortise and tenon with a few lap...
  10. wood shop chest of drawers

    25 years ago in 9th grade wood shop I built this. The wood is pine and the finish I cant remember, I do remember it was supposed to make the wood look older at a faster than normal rate. I learned a lot in wood shop, I just wish that I could remember what I learned.
  11. Finally the Apothecary Cabinet.

    Nearly 7 years in the making… 35 drawers hundreds of box joints, sanded, glued, routed, laser engraved… hours of work… Those who remember when I started this, may not believe that it is finally finished… Laser engraved with names of various spices what will live in the drawers… Actually a...
  12. Redwood Box Jointed Bowl

    The bowl is 11 ½" long by 9" wide and 5 ½" deep. It is made from recycled redwood that was 2" thick. I wanted to try and make a bowl without using a lathe and highlight it with box joints. The bowl was just an idea and I found it had a few difficulties to it. The first was that an 8" dado blade...
  13. White Oak Pallet Box

    Dimensions: 12×7x4". Finish: shellac and wax. Not a lot here but I sawed up some pallet wood when I was trying my new resaw blade out and liked the sapwood/live edge so another box happened. The whole box is from a single oak runner including the 'Patron' hinges.
  14. Cedar Hope Chest

    This Hope Chest I made for my best friend for his wedding gift. It is made from soild red oak with box joints. It is lined with aromatic cedar with a sliding tray inside. Also got a brass plaquered made with thier wedding date on it. Dimensioned @ 5 ft wide by 2 ft deep by 3 ft tall.
  15. Plane Till

    This is my plane till (much needed) made from blue-stained pine. It included my first hand cut box joints. I did not remember to take a pic before I had it filled! There is a tiny rare-earth magnet that sticks to the plane soles. Works pretty good. I really love the look of the blue-stained...
  16. Easy Box Joints

    While working on a way to cut box joint type fingers, I came up with the following idea to make Box Joints using my 5 min Kerf Maker and my sled. When doing woodwork and also in general I try to keep to the KIS principle (Keep It Simple!!!!) With my Box Joint Jigs I have broken this principle...
  17. Keepsake Box

    A keepsake box for my newest Granddaughter, made of Poplar. I've added the 4th 5th and 6th pics. This box is for the Granddaughter on the left. They are 1 year apart. Bentlee is on the left and sister Carlee on the right. Carlee just started kidergarten this year, 2015. Looks like we have some...
  18. Tissue Box Covers

    These were made of different types of wood. They will make great Christmas gifts
  19. Box joint box

    Made with scrap pine in my garage shop. My first attempt at hand cut box joints, Wood is pine, stained dark walnut, finished with polyurethane
  20. Storage Box for Custom "Memory" Game

    Here at Roof Top Wood Work I've been busy preparing for Christmas. My sister-in-law lives in the NYC area, and they have a small child about the same age as my daughter. The cousins are fun to see together. My wife found out that on Shutterfly you can get a "Memory" style game with pictures...
1-20 of 169 Results