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  1. Hummingbird and Australian Shepard - intarsia

    I just recently began intarsia and these are my first 2 serious attempts. I'm finding I really enjoy this.
  2. jewelry box

    jewelry boxes. made of box elder with red velvet lining. padauk with black velvet. buckeye with blue velvet.
  3. Box elder bowl

    Hello, everybody. Just finished polishing up this bowl today, and I think it was worth the wait! Started this bowl before Christmas and then I had to put it with the shavings in a paper bag to let it dry. That was the longest five months I had to wait! I just used a simple shape for the bowl...
  4. Seeing Red

    Box Elder platter that is 10 inches in diameter. There was a small void in the bottom that I filled with turquoise inlace. This has one coat of wipe on poly and will get several more coats before it heads to its new owner. Red color in this piece of wood was absolutely stunning. Have several...
  5. Box Elder Fun

    This piece of Box Elder has produced some beautiful turning opportunities. Cosmetic Brush - Natural Sable Brush - Three pictures of same brush to show character of wood Sierra - Gold hardware Slimline - Gold hardware I love the way this Box Elder looks. Hated the smell while working with it...
  6. Turned Off-Cut Box - Box Elder

    Woodturning often generates off-cuts, small scraps of wood that many would toss in the firewood pile. I enjoy finding uses for these pieces. I hate to throw them out, perhaps that's because of my Scotish heritage. This wood came from a large burled Box Elder tree that yielded many turned bowls.
  7. Box Elder 2

    Here is the box elder I did last night. It took about 4 hours from start to finish. 11" dia 4" tall
  8. Flame for my wife

    Okay, here is a Christmas present for my wonderful wife, I gave her the Plate and told her she would have to wait for me to finish it until I found the right piece of wood for the pedestal. Well it was 3 pieces, one more box elder for the flame finial, and 2 pieces of Black walnut. I watched...
  9. Box Elder Claw Hammer

    Made this as a gift for a fellow wood-worker friend who has helped me a lot. It started out as one piece but broke so I strengthened the whole thing with CA glue and then started fabbing it. The head is secured to the handle with a 2" long 1/2" dowel…inch in each piece. Lot of shaping and...
  10. Drifter

    I have not been turning much lately, so I decided to try a bowl yesterday afternoon. This is the result. It is 8" wide by 5" tall and is made from Box Elder. It is finished with a wipe-on poly. It is a simple, clean rounded bowl design.
  11. Flamin' Bangle

    Here is a fiery bangle made from some absolutely fabulous Flame Box Elder. Set over 316 Stainless Steel, this size 7.5 bangle didn't make it 50 feet before it found a new owner… My wife! She snagged it and won't let go. Finished with CA and wet sanded to 12,000 grit using MM. PM me for a...
  12. Basting Brushes

    Basting brushes I turned for my father and brothers. The wood is red heart and box elder burl.
  13. Box Elder Vase

    This beautiful vase is made from Box Elder and stands 8" tall x 4" wide. It features decorative bark inclusions along with a multitude of vibrant colors. Varying intensities of chatoyance are present throughout the vase, while being especially vibrant around the large bark inclusion near the...
  14. Shaped by Irregularities

    Cheese and/or bread platter. Made out of scrap box elder and shaped by the differing lengths of the scrap pieces. Measures 12" x 8" x 1/2". The small knife is a piece of scrap cherry. This was just something to do to pass time between projects and turned out okay for scrap wood. Finished...
  15. Summer 2010 Bowls turned

    I've been orking on and off on these three bowls for a few months now and have finally put the finishing touches on them. Wall thicknesses mentioned are guesstimates, as I dont' yet have calipers to make an accurate measurement, so I'm going by feel currently. I've been finishing with 5-6 coats...
  16. First Bowls

    Bowls are purple heart, butternut, burl maple (with some really light spalting on the oppostie side but only showed the burl in the pics since I like it more), Box elder, and maple, from left to right. They are the first bowls I've ever produced. Though now that I think about it there not in...
  17. Box Elder Dish

    I had 8 logs sitting in front of my barn for 3 years and wanted them out of there. Some were box elder and some were spalted maple but I did not seal the ends and they were cracked all the way through. I showed these to the electrical inspector that inspected my solar system and told him there...
  18. Box Elder Bowl/Platter

    Turned some Box Elder a friend in the Shade Tree Division of the town I work in got me. 10" in diameter. A little deep for a platter, too thick a lip for a bowl…...a Blatter??
  19. Box Elder Bowl ( Nest Bowl)

    This is from a wedge of wood at the bottom of a tree that blew down in LJ Garry Strout's yard. Thanks Garry. It was box elder so I took it to see if there was much red in it before we came back for the rest of the tree. Well there was, so it is a female box elder tree. This bowl is 9 1/2" in...
  20. The WineO

    This is my WineO made from walnut and box elder, 2nd WineO form walnut and cherry. I wanted to share some news with all of you here on Lumberjocks. I have written a article on how to make a WineO for Woodturning Design Magazine. I Just finished proof reading and talking with Joe Herrmann...
1-20 of 262 Results