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  1. Musical Instrument Chess Set

    Only two more sets to go on this big overseas order. I make lots of music themed sets, but nothing like this before. The chessboard, made from solid Maple and Walnut measures just over 28" square, the board tiles are about 2.75" square, and it's over 10" from the top of the table to the top...
  2. Very effective and cheap shop made box joint clamping cauls

    I used John Huffington's method for modifying some ratcheting tie downs into band clamps, and then cut 8 pieces of half inch plywood to about 1.25×6". I then attached velcro hook to each end of the cauls, spaced them so they would butt up against the box joint pins where they stand a little...
  3. New box clamp ( free PLAN )

    Our Friend TYVEKBOY was very kind to make the Sketch Up drawing above and I thank him very much and appreciate his time and effort . Here is a new box clamp I made for a school that needs some help in the shop so this is my first gift for them . I made a video of the build and you are welcome...
  4. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories Watch the vid to see its versatile functions. If you do assembly (who doesn't?), look into this product. Note: I am not associated with the manufacturer in anyway. But I always look for ways to improve my efficiency in the...
  5. Marketplace Classifieds
    I need a set of 4 pair. If anyone wants to part with theirs let me know via PM.
1-5 of 5 Results