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  1. Projects Maple bowl with painted rim

    A first attempt at adding colour to the rim of a bowl. Three colours of the Jo Sonja iridescent paint were used (violet, green and gold). Bowl is 11 ½ x 3 ½ with the non painted portions finished with Odie’s Oil and the entire bowl then sprayed with 4 light coats of lacquer. This was donated as...
  2. Projects Rustic bowl from found wood

    A completed commission, ready for the Post Office. The request here was for a wooden "bowl" that was oblong or rectangular -- not the usual round form. The bowl is to be an anchor on a large kitchen island in the requestor's newishly-built home. I was given freedom from there for the design. I...
  3. Projects Spalted Maple Bowl

    Spalted Maple Bowl This bowl was turned from a spalted maple log I got from some family friends, who had cut the tree down in their yard. It's around 6.5" in diameter, and 2" tall. I finished it with Mahoney's Walnut Oil. Overall I like the shape of this bowl. I like the way it curves back...
  4. Yet, another wooden Bowl

    Another wooden bowl ,made from scraps ! walnut,oak,and cherry. The bottom design came from another fellow lumberjock. thanks for lookin'
  5. Live edge bowl

    Well, it was a live edge when I started, but being new to turning, things just get smaller and smaller :) Red oak, aniline dye, wax/shellac friction finish. About 6 inches wide and 4 inches tall.
  6. New Zealand swamp Kauri bowl with Nz Paua inlay

    The results of one of my favorite past time hobby, this one was sold and sent to England as a wedding gift.
  7. Walnut Bowl "Petulant"

    Hi all, this walnut bowl (I'll let you guess why I chose to name it "Petulant") is simple, but elegant. I have been experimenting with this exterior shape and find it has unlimited variations. I just find it very appealing, and it tends to show grain patterns off quite well. The colors...
  8. A First Time for Everything! Tablesaw Jig! turns both inside and out of wood bowl!

    I don't think I've had this much fun with a Jig in a long time.. Check out the attached video to watch this really cool little jig in action! Using the jig i am able to use my table saw to create the traditional parabolic curved shape on the outside of a wood bowl. Fun project with great results!!!
  9. More School Fund Raiser Donations

    The school, where I used to teach, holds a fund raising event every year. Faculty and community members donated items for a silent auction. The money goes to help off set the travel costs of the students who participate in regional and nation contests. Our school has been fortunate to have had...
  10. Tamboti Bowl

    I tried to turn a segmented Tamboti Bowl, but unfortunately my gleu joint failed and the whole thing come of the lath. I really didn't see this coming. I was very careful with the speed and made sure my turning tools was sharp. Bell Forest Products description Tamboti: Tamboti is a heavy...
  11. New Zealand Kamahi bowl, with Nz paua shell inlay

    This piece was a very rare find, never herd of this New Zealand timber before until I brought it off a wood merchant as a wood turning blank. Was sold and sent to the states as a gift. Every now and then as wood workers we find it hard to part with something we have made, whether it be for cash...
  12. guess what another segment turning

    hi here is a segment bowl that i had fun making it is 12 inch by 5 1/2 thanks for having a look all coments welcome branch
  13. Square bowl

    This was a fun project, but kind of nerve racking to turn. Made out of cocobolo wood, with a wax/shellac friction finish. About 8 inches square and 2 inches high.
  14. Laminated New Zealand Kauri fruit bowl, with Nz Paua shell and Kauri leaf inlay

    Bowl was turned from a decent kauri laminated block, was a wedding gift for my cousin and his wife in Tasmania Australia.
  15. a couple of bowls for xmass gifts

    the first bowl is the largest that I have done so far. It is made of walnut. I didn't know it at the thyme but one is not supposed to go straight down a log when turning, got to remove the pith. The walls are not as thin as I would like but it was one of my first ones and me wifey loves it...
  16. "Lil Monster" - Bowl from 5" Wisteria Vine

    I have access to a farm that has produced some very interesting materials for turning. One of them was a Wisteria Vine that was 5" in diameter. I hated to cut it down, but it was causing damage to just about everything surrounding it. I couldn't wait to explore and turned it the day after it...
  17. 1st Bowl

    This my 1st bowl = Walnut
  18. Small bowl

    This was my first attempt at bowl turning. The inside is pretty rough, I have since bought a bowl gouge, so hopefully the next one will be smoother on the inside. The other thing that I have to admit is this is about 3 inches high and wide, and I start out with a 6 inch piece of cherry. The...
  19. Claro Walnut Vase and Bowl

    Here are a pair of turnings from Claro Walnut Root Burl. The first is a Vase / Hollow form. 8 inch in diam X 4 inch tall. Turned to a 1/4 inch wall. The second is a Bowl . 7 inch diam X 4 inch tall. 3/8 wall. Both have several bark inclusions and natural cracks / defects. Both are finished...
  20. Figured Maple Bowl

    Just another bowl. Been trying to get better at turning lately.
1-20 of 500 Results