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  1. Bow Saw

    Today, I needed a Bow Saw and could only find some that have a flimsy design, but I did find replacement blades and decided to make one. It only took around 1 hour using some left over Pine and it is much stronger than what I expected. Very pleased with it :)
  2. Violin bow re-hairing vise

    Rather than needlessly spend money, I decided to build a vise with which to learn how to re-hair violin bows. Believe it or not, the horse hair which causes the violin to make sound wears out after some time and must be replaced. It's a lot easier to work on such an object when it is held still...
  3. Hickory longbow

    I decided to try my hand at building a longbow last summer. My goal was to have the bow ready for deer season in the fall. I started using red oak boards because i had read several how-to articles on building bow boards. The first 2 oak bows broke during tillering. I then decide to try a tougher...
  4. Distressed Boat Bed| Custom

    This is a boat bed that I completed in November 2016. We finished this on a Gray Lacquer finish. To distress it we did some wormholes and rub throughs. We build these with either drawers or trundle. This customer choose to a trundle. We also added a pair of lights to the headboard with a push...
  5. Simple bow

    How to make simple bow with cnc router.
  6. A Bow Coping Saw

    I love Coping Saws and so made my own in Maple. Its much nicer to hold and use than the commercial metal ones. Takes a standard coping blade and is made from Maple. The trick with bow saws is to not make the upright arms too thick or too thin. If they too think then the whole thing is chunky...
  7. Rustic Bow Rack

    Made this for an avid bow hunter. Not real complex from a woodworking standpoint but I thought the creativity of materials was interesting. He had a few hooves that he wanted to utilize for a coat rack or bow stand. Mounted them along with some old bolts to hold his bow and a few coats. Made...
  8. Mother's Day Gift for my Mother-in-law

    This is a spin-off of the simple cell phone stand I did last year. I started to make a recipe card holder for my wife and didn't like how it was turning out (she still thought it was fantastic) and she suggested that I make one for her mom. I put it off at Christmas and decided to actually...
  9. Hickory box with maple and veneer ribbon

    I found the plans in one of the magazines a couple years ago. I made a couple as gifts. Spray shellac finish.
  10. BowLeggedTable

    This three legged table is made of walnut. The legs are 8pieces of laminated walnut. Each piece is tapered from 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch. The finish is a diluted poly of different strenghts.
  11. Bethlehem Olive Wood Cigar Pen

    Olive wood from the Holy Land (yes that Bethlehem). I've read about other projects made with this wood, and how it smelled like olive oil when turned. As soon as a piece finally made the rounds in the 3rd tour of the pen traders box (I love being a lumberjock!). I snagged it. Olive wood from...
  12. New longbow

    This is my latest attempt at longbow building. I used a hickory board from menards. Searching for the straightest grain board is the hardest part. I was shooting for a 50lb bow this time and I think I came pretty close. I center cut the arrow rest and I think this helps with shooting. The handle...
  13. Red Oak Longbow

    Red oak longbow, 72 inches. Maple and mahogany handle laminated on. 28 inch draw length and 35 pounds pull weight. Also made string, B50 Dacron, black with red servings, 66 inches. Might add small arrow rest but seems to shoot pretty good from hand so far. Lots of sanding and scraping to get...
  14. Ballet Bows - Diane and Acteon

    Made these for a friend for their ballet company. These are wooden bows made from Ash, 14" long and 1" in diameter at the handle, tapering to the ends. They are painted gold and finished with spar urethane. It was fun to watch these bows being put to good use on a stage, and also to see them...
  15. A finished Mongolian bow

    Just finished this baby. Woods used were Blackwood, Rhodesian teak some leftover Wenger, maple and Tambotie from a fallen tree
  16. Ship Wrecked Boat Bed | Custom

    No it is not broken! This was intentional. The customer wanted a version of the boat bed that was made to look like it had been ship wrecked. There were several techniques that were used. We made the front bow to be removable, made the mast mount at an angle, made cracked side rails, and...
  17. Ribbon Box

    Just finished up this walnut hex box, I decided to add a miniature ribbon and bow for the handle. The box is 4 high x 7 across the flats. The 2 bow sections are 2 3/4 long x 3/4 high, the 4 ribbons are 2 long.
  18. Shooting for Old Times

    Last year I got the urge to build a longbow. I have hunted for years, although it seems the more time I have the less I hunt. Having harvested (nice way of saying it) two trophy deer in the past, I mostly go out for the walks now. My brother in law has a knack with woodworking so we each...
  19. Walnut and Wenge Recurve Bow

    Just finished up this latest bow - 40# draw @ 28", 68" long. The riser and deco layer in the limbs are made of curly english walnut and wenge, finished with a coat of boiled linseed oil and then three coats of helmsman urethane. The limbs have fiberglass on either side, with a strip of hickory...
  20. Curly Maple / Leopardwood Longbow

    My first traditional longbow made with the help of a family friend who makes bows and has all the jigs / forms. I drew the design myself. Very happy with how it turned out. I'll have to get some pictures of the limb tips which are pretty sweet as well. It's a shooter!!
1-20 of 99 Results