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  1. Wine Bottle Stoppers - Wood Turning

    A few months ago I walked into a woodshop and kindled the flame of an old interest. Something new and exciting that stuck out to me was the wood lathe. The first time I saw the lathe I wanted to get someone to show me how to use it. After a month of catches and slips I bought my own and have...
  2. Wood Turned Banksia Mushroom Clock

    Something is so appealing about the unique Banksia pod from Australia. The hard shelled pine cone like seed pod makes the most interesting creations thanks to it's unique shape and seed cavities. This Wood Turned Banksia Mushroom Clock is the result of some experimentation after a few bottle...
  3. My first bottle topper

    Turned my first bottle stopper tonight. Not sure what the wood was. Ran a wooden dowel through the center of the cork, and super glued it into the topper. I really like the wood. Wife thinks it's too "clunky". I tend to agree with her. Hope to turn more this week.
  4. Second piece combining lathe and scrollwork, a little more refined than the first

    Still haven't finished cleaning up from Noah's Ark build, but we have a wedding to go to today so I needed to knockout this gift the past few days. The formal top hat was made from two pieces of ebony glued together to yield over a 2 inch blank. The two inset wedding rings are pieces of Honey...
  5. Marketplace Classifieds
    If interested I have a JJ-6CS for sale in NY state. New blades installed, owners manual included along with wrench to change blades. The unit works good. I have the jointer on a dolly so it can be rolled around the shop. Drop me an email if interested.
  6. Hand Tools
    Picked this up in a junk box, never seen one like it, looking for some info and if anyone has parts available for it.. its 4" long and 1 5/16" wide with what looks like a 1" iron.. has no markings on it any where. is made of stamped steel but would make a great apron plane.. fits really nice in...
1-6 of 6 Results