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  1. Gifts for a trip

    We're starting to plan a FL trip here soon so I wanted to get ahead of things and knock out some gifts for the different friends and family we're staying with. The first going left to right is a baseball bat bottle stopper made from an ash baseball billet. I used a Ruth Niles stainless stopper...
  2. some bottle stoppers

    Wanted to turn some larger projects other then pens and I thought bottle stoppers would be a good start.I used a Ruth Niles bottle stopper mandrel and these are her stoppers as well.I did try using a 3/8 cut-off bolt in my Jacobs Chuck to hold my blank but did not like it.First pic starting from...
  3. Day of " Beaujolais nouveau " A french Concept

    Hello In France it's the day of " Beaujolais nouveau" This day inspired me and my lathe I go to my shop and my mind ( without wine ) works…........ I decided to make a gobelet with captured rings on a bottle wine stopper A typical french concept !!!! and don't drink too much Comments welcome
  4. 3 Wine Stoppers

    Like I said, 3 Wine Bottle Stoppers. The hardware is from Ruth Niles. The bird is walnut, with a purple heart and yellow heart beak. The "jar" is purple heart and yellow heart. The light colored one is maple, with a couple of other woods that I don't recall what they are.
  5. Christmas projects time!

    Well, it's that time of the year to start cranking out those projects which can be made in relatively short order and make the recipients ooh and awe, even though they may not have a clue just what it is! I made these for one of my wifes cousins so she can give them out. They are made of a Tulip...
  6. Bottle Stopers/airbrush scene

    These are made of maple. Airbrushed with Golden acrylics and a Harder Steenbeck airbrush. I thought it might add a little interest. All comments pos and neg welcome.
  7. Wine Bottle Stoppers - Wood Turning

    A few months ago I walked into a woodshop and kindled the flame of an old interest. Something new and exciting that stuck out to me was the wood lathe. The first time I saw the lathe I wanted to get someone to show me how to use it. After a month of catches and slips I bought my own and have...
  8. Bottle stoppers

    More wine stoppers. Made of various scraps; maple, cherry, walnut, oak, purple heart & arbutus. All of them are finished with wipe on poly. Stoppers were purchase from Comments and critiques welcome.
  9. Emmett Kelly bottle stopper

    This is an Emmett Kelly bottle stopper. It is carved from basswood, painted with acrylics, and is about 2 inches tall, not counting the cork. Claude
  10. Christmas Presents 2010

    Projects this season include: 5 cutting boards 5 picture frames 8 pencil holders 1 wine bottle stopper 1 shoe horn 3 pens (2 slimlines and 1 fountain) Woods include maple, cherry, walnut, purpleheart, redheart, and bloodwood One interesting note are the cutting boards that have a random...
  11. Secret Santa gift

    On our last trip to the wood store my daughter picks up this piece of wood from the bin. It has orange paint on one side and the other side was burned from a saw blade. It looked like a letter L and she wanted it. We get to the checkout counter and they tell her it is free and she brings it...
  12. Just a few smalls

    Just a few small projects I have finished this week. The first 2 bottle stoppers are mahogany. The next 2 are pecan. The fifth is a sapele keychain. The pen on the end is 24 kt gold it is made of some old barn wood and it is spalted oak.
  13. Bottle Stoppers

    I had a bunch of hardwood scraps around that were too small to do much with and too nice to throw in the burn bucket. Result: Bottle stoppers. I used silicone stoppers from Packard Woordworks. They are flexible, said to be long wearing and can be replaced easily since they hold onto the dowel...
  14. Bottle Stoppers

    A sampling of some bottle stoppers. Walnut/Maple, Maple/Walnut, Sapele/Maple and Maple/Walnut. Poly gloss finish. Stainless Steel Stoppers from Ruth is great to work with! Check her site!! Thanks for looking, Lew
  15. Viking Bottle Stopper

    This a a Viking bottle stopper. Carved from basswood, painted with acrylic paints, it is slightly over 3 inches tall. The Silicone cork is recessed into the bottom of the carving so it will not be visible when the stopper is placed in a bottle. Claude
  16. Bottle Stoppers

    Just got started turning wine bottle stoppers. The first one was turned from Quina, an aromatic wood from southern South America and a source of balsam used in perfumes. The second was turned from a scrap of Bay I thought had been relegated to the kindling box long ago. I love how the detail in...
  17. Bottle Stopper (my first)

    Made a lot of mistakes but I'll get the hang of it with practice. It's mahogany.
  18. Cubic Zirconia Inlaid Bottle Stopper

    Hello, Here is a photo of one of my recent bottle stoppers that has been inlaid with (24) 2.5mm Cubic Zirconia (Diamond Simulants), set in solid 18kt White Gold. Outside diameter of each stone is 3.18mm. The stopper body is made from a blue swirl acrylic acetate stopper blank, polished to...
  19. Jigs to trim square blocks for turning

    I made these out of scraps to hold square blanks at an angle for trimming, so I don't have to tilt the table. I trim blanks for turning to an octagon to lessen the chances of blowing them apart. Also, the fence in the picture is scrap material that fits the bandsaw. I was using clamps to hold...
  20. Segmented Wine Bottle Stopper - The Heart Stopper

    Visit my Etsy store to see the available wine bottle stoppers Project Description Constructed primarily of maple, the highlight of this piece is the mahogany heart design. As this is a true segmented piece, the heart is only visible on one side. I used a wipe on polyurethane finish. Stopper...
1-20 of 215 Results