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  1. Projects Burl Bottle Opener

    Niles Style Burl Handle Bottle Opener This is a Niles style bottle opener, made from stainless steel, paired with an unknown species of burl, finished with CA glue and Renaissance wax. A family friend gave me a branch with a bunch of small burls on it, which they found in the fire pit of a...
  2. Scrap wood beer tote with bottle opener and fish engraving.

    Hi, here is the beer tote which I made from scrap wood with small fish pattern made by power engraving tool. Fish pattern found in the internet and it's not my project.
  3. Brass knuckles bottle opener

    "Brass knuckles" bottle opener I've been making a bunch of these for family/friends lately. Super simple, low cost, low stress project. Let me know what you think Cocobolo Jatoba (mini opener) Cherry Rosewood, maple, cherry
  4. Mahogany Bottle Opener

    Made this from a scrap piece of Mahogany, Overall it is 9 1/4" Long,. sanded down to 220grit.Threw in some reclaimed Brass Tacks taken from an old chair and a small piece of leather to wrap the handle. Finished with a Light minwax stain and Paste wax.
  5. Bottle Opener

    This was a project I thought "wood" be a great Christmas gifts for my friends….. I borrowed the idea from Best Regards, Patrick Dragonfly Woodworking (FaceBook)
  6. Magnetic Beer Tote

    Not the most original thing in the world but here's my take on a beer tote… Had some lightly figured maple and a bunch of aromatic cedar in the shop, so I figured I'd give one of these a try. Didn't have plans so I marked things out by using beers from the fridge. Sides are maple, bottom and...
  7. Bottle Opener Prototype

    I want an opener with something to catch the caps. The opener is from and I made the box from pine that I had. I'm not very good at measuring so I used the width of the pine and cut it to a length that looked good, and used a compass to get the curves from the bottom opener hole. The...
  8. Rt 66 Bottle Opener with Catcher

    I bought this bottle opener at a flea market and just got around to making a mount for it. It is mounted on a teak board and the catcher is half of a turned cylinder made from teak staves. The catcher has a couple of .080" dowels to locate it accurately for gluing and a slide out...
  9. DropCatch Bottle Opener

    Hey guys. I made a couple of these for Father's Day and am just now getting to posting them. Made from some scrap walnut and cherry. Used this magnet: and this bottle opener...
  10. Stein and Bottle Opener for Swap

    We are just wrapping up the first-ever LumberJocks Beer Swap. In this swap, I was the moderator so I cheated and gave my name to jeffswildwood and I took his name. Jeff and I live fairly close to one another and have wanted to meet before. So we decided to take this swap as our opportunity...
  11. LJs 2017 Beer Tote Swap

    I have to say, I had a lot of fun participating in this swap. We got to discuss local brews and make something for a fellow LJ to carry them around in. Not everyone drinks alcoholic beverages, much less beer, so that wasn't really the focus, but it did make it fun discussing the local...
  12. 2017 Beer Tote entry

    2017 Beer Tote swap entry, made with spalted hackberry from a fallen tree in our subdivision. sorry for the pics but I have no idea why they do this. I have attempted to rotate and save but then they show up facing the opposite direction. oh well.
  13. Lumberjocks Beer Swap

    My first swap ended up being the beer swap. Why? Because the people I work for also own a brewery, so why not. I made this for ksSlim. I got the idea of a wooden koozie from a project by LJ doubleDD . I asked him a lot of questions and he graciously...
  14. Rockler Bottle Opener

    Here is the bottle opener I made with the new Rockler Bottle Opener kit. Made from Osage Orange with Ebony and Osage Orange inlay. Finished with super glue.
  15. Now THIS is a Bottle Opener!

    First, let me say THANKS to Ryan and his post this morning for this excellent idea! I had a really nice piece of choke cherry lying around and decided to put it to use after I saw Ryan's post - I really needed a good "church key" and this seemed like the perfect fit! Cut out an easy to hold...
  16. Bottle Opener and Catcher

    This is a red oak bottle opener and catcher with a slide on the bottom to let the caps out. It has hidden mounting screw- one behind the opener and one behind the slide on the bottom. I was waiting for an opener from the customer and she cannot find one - I hope she likes the Coke one I found...
1-20 of 147 Results