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  1. Wine bottle balancers

    This was a quick and easy project I made for a bunch of christmas presents, for coworkers, friends and such. I made 18 of them in all. Wine bottle balancers. Made from various woods including cocobolo, lacewood, orchard cherry, spalted beech, paduak, tazmanian myrtle, birdseye maple, ect. Like...
  2. Christmas Presents 2 - Wine Bottle Balancers

    I decided to make a few of the popular wine bottle balancers as Christmas gifts. Once I had the dimensions figured out, I realized it would be easy to make a large batch of these at once, so I made 12 total. I started from dimensions I found online, then tweaked it until I was satisfied. The...
  3. 3 Bottle Balancers or Fun With Dowels

    Just a fun weekend trying to do something different with bottle balancers and learning some wood things along the way. All the balancers are reclaimed redwood with 1" poplar dowels. The middle one is reinforced by boring and gluing 1/2" poplar dowels from the outside of the vertical 1" dowel...
  4. Fish Bottle Balancer

    Bottle balancer from piece of scrap maple. Can't tell in photo… the eye is blue with white center. If you can still see the white of his eye, you may continue to drink. Quick Christmas gift for daughter.
  5. Wine Bottle Balancers

    These are some bottle balancers made from red oak.
  6. Drunken man swinging with the bottle of wine.

    Ceratonia Siliqua, Carob (חרוב) Stands at 38 CM height about 15". You are invited to see it swinging in the following link. The drunken man is swinging
  7. Wine Bottle Balancers

    These are wine bottle balancers I made as Christmas gifts. The wine glass shaped balancers are made of maple and african mahogany (with one coat of red mahogany stain). The one with the beveled edges is of walnut. And the last is of purpleheart, maple and mahogany,with a piece of maple veneer...
  8. Wine bottle balancers

    Thanks to MsDebbieP for the plans and original project posting here ( I made a couple to give away at Christmas. This was an easy and fun project. I'll probably make some more next year. Add a bottle of wine and you have a great last minute gift. Oh...
  9. Fish bottle balancer

    This is the favorite present of the group I just posted, Thought some of you would be interested too. The idea just popped into my head and had to try making one. I grabbed a half block of wood and cut as large a timber as possible and drew the side curved view, after that was cut out the top...
  10. Another Bottle Balancer

    A quick little project of making a bottle balancer that looked different than others that I have made using recovered redwood and pair of 7" poplar dowels. The idea was to have the bottle balance almost horizontal with the base angle being cut at 40 degrees. For this I used a 1 1/4" forester...

    A wine bottle balancer I made for a last minute Christmas present . Kerf bent lamination and some carved horns for some extra character . It balances really well and also rotates with a up and down motion . Made from maple and walnut ,the hole is 1 3/8" and the finish is wax and mineral oil mix .
  12. The Rook Bottle Balancer

    Just more playing around in the shop. This balancer was made from the fall off of a 2×10 redwood board that was used as the hand rail on my front porch. So what to do with a really short board? Make a bottle balancer!
  13. A Different Bottle Balancer

    This bottle balancer is made from reclaimed redwood and a salvaged 1" birch dowel. The angle at the bottom is 40 degrees and the two dowels at the top are positioned at 30 degrees. It was a bit trickey to get the 1 1/4" notches to line up, the spacing just right and the 30 degree slant for the...
  14. Wine Bottle Balancer

    My elbows were sore from building Hickory cabinets for my wife. I'm getting close to finishing up but i'm worn out from sanding that awfully hard wood. So I decided to take a break today and surprise her with a little gift. My first wine bottle balancer. I did a pretty thorough search on LJs...
  15. Jigs & Fixtures
    After seeing what others had done using three different colors of wood to make 3-D patterns out of wood, I thought I'd try my hand at it. To aid in the process, I made this jig for my band saw. Of course, one could vary it a bit for the table saw. I extended the miter slot guide about six...
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hey LJ's, I was given a lump of money for my birthday to buy new tools. Actually my whole family chipped in for me to by a Bosch GLIDE miter saw. As badly as I WANT that saw, I'm trying to be sensible. I have a very good compound miter saw, which will do for a long time. So I want to focus on...
1-16 of 16 Results