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  1. Bench or something

    Cheap ass 1×4's and glued up 2×8's for the top and boom it's a coffee table. Or bench… coffin. Whatever. Little bit of wire brushing and some provincial stain. Can't remember what the darker stain is called.
  2. Bomb plaque (2)

    Bomb plaque I made for a marine who was getting out. She wanted a pin up on it, and she had red hair herself so I figured Jessica rabbit would be nice. Everything is done with a mini router. No stencils, I just draw everything on and blast some music and get lost until I'm done. I had to draw on...
  3. Camera Boom Mounted on Ceiling

    I've been making videos of my projects lately and needed a better way to position the camera than on a tripod. I've made a camera boom that's mounted on the ceiling of my shop. It's made of plywood and a few pieces of oak. View the video on YouTube by clicking here. Don't forget to subscribe...
  4. My Home Theater Subwoofer

    This past year hasn't been real good to me, but I did manage to squeeze a few projects in. Here are the results. The plans came from here, With a little knowledge and skill I think that anyone can build it…. I haven't built the rest of the...
  5. Woodturning
    I wanted a thin parting tool but I didn't really want to work real hard at it re doing an old saw blade so I put the idea on the back burner. But today I was dumpster diving and found a table knife (not a butter knife) and I thought to myself I wonder if this will work for a parting tool, table...
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Howdy folks, In the fight against dust in my small garage shop, I have a 2HP Grizzly dust collector and I just finished installing a Rikon air filtration system. I have a Ridgid 4512 10" table saw that I would like to install an overhead boom arm dust collector onto but I cannot seem to find...
1-7 of 7 Results