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  1. Chef's book rack

    In the May 2003 issue of Wood Magazine, they had plans for this book rack. I had a bunch of scrap maple laying around and thought it would be fun to make a couple of these. They are rather easy to make, and serve as a book rack quite well. I used poly as the finish.
  2. Arts and Crafts book rack with drawer

    Arts and Crafts book and magazine rack, made out of QSWO with mahogany accents.
  3. Surprise Swap- Office Set

    Thanks to GR8HUNTER heading up the band Surprise Swap 2020 has come to an amazing conclusion. The stuff that was received by all looks great and seems to be a huge hit. I had the pleasure of sending my stuff off to a Bill Berklich. A big thanks to him for posting nice reveal pics as well since...
  4. Desk Book Rack

    Lumber Jocks, This is my version of a craftsman book rack. I based the design on work found on Lumber Jocks. I ended up giving this as a gift to a good friend. People were amazed at the results and how well it turned out. This link contains the Lumber Jock Rack. I did end up buying the...
  5. Mission Arts & Crafts Book Rack

    This book rack is constructed of some of the same wood and the cutting boards that I posted. Walnut for the tennoned uprights and Maple for the rest. This is made from a design that is in the Popular Mechanics Mission furniture book. The joinery is 1/2 lap as well as mortise and tennon. I...
  6. Book Rack

    For a spot i my kitchen I wanted a book rack for some of my favorite cook books. They tend to just sit on the shelf and not inspire as much as they could. The exerzise was to fit the thing in between a door, a window and a wood stove - and at the same time make a frame for the books in order to...
1-7 of 7 Results